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SX124 Shearwater Oct22 Transit In Waves SB Side 2

First feedback from the SW Tasman

Since July 2023, Shearwater GeoServices' newly converted dual ROV seismic vessel, the 'SW Tasman' has been in operational service, successfully working in a variety of weather conditions. Node tasks, previously conducted by two vessels, have, with the SW Tasman, been completed by one ship only. More space, easier access, and the work area solutions add to the crew's praise of the converted vessel.

Windea Leibniz DJI 0940 uavpic com

Windea Leibniz upgrade has been completed

On 4 February 2023, the Windea Leibniz upgrade was completed at Ulstein Verft. With an increase of cabins from 60 to over 80, the vessel has transitioned from an SOV to a CSOV. Additionally, the yard has installed one extra pedestal on the stern for Baltic Sea operations to complement the existing North Sea pedestal.

ULSTEIN SX124 design Shearwater ROV operations
Press Release

Vessel conversion design for Shearwater

Shearwater GeoServices has announced its cooperation with Ulstein Design & Solutions AS in providing the conversion engineering of the SW Tasman, an ULSTEIN SX124 design, to a dual ROV seismic vessel, equipped with a broad scope of operational capabilities.

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Press Release

Three in a row

Three of the Fjord1 battery ferries have recently been at Ulstein Verft for maintenance work. These types of short-term repair and upgrade tasks are important to the yard when there is dock availability.