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New customer with a major conversion contract

On Friday, 23 February, the feed carrier Eidsvaag Pioner arrived at Ulstein Verft. The vessel, belonging to Norway-based Eidsvaag AS, will undergo a significant overhaul, which will continue for approx. 4-5 months.

27 February 2024

A major conversion is planned for all the feed silos, and a new unloading system/feed system will be installed.

  • Project team handover
    Project team handover meeting at Ulstein Verft.
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    The Eidsvaag Pioner positioned quayside at Ulstein Verft.
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    Eidsvaag Pioner will undergo a major conversion.

On Monday, 26 February, Marita Myrvågnes in the aftermarket sales department at Ulstein Verft had a handover meeting with the project team. 

"Eidsvaag AS is a new customer, and we look forward to starting the work and the collaboration. Virtually all disciplines will be involved in this assignment. Kjell Ove Mork heads the project team," says Marita. 

The boat will mainly be positioned quayside but will have a docking period in March.

Eidsvaag operates a fleet of 14-16 vessels and transports fish feed to aquaculture facilities. 

The Eidsvaag Pioner, built in 2013, has a length of 74.7 metres and a width of 13.6 metres. 

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Marita Myrvågnes bw

Marita Myrvågnes

Area Sales Manager Aftermarket

Ulstein Verft AS