Delta Atlas

How Ulstein's service engineers carry out their global work

From the Caribbean to the Antarctic, from the lab to the ship, the service engineers at Ulstein Power & Control face new challenges and opportunities every day. Their main tasks are to offer the best service and support for the control and power systems on board ships.

The service engineers at Ulstein Power & Control travel worldwide on service assignments. The most recent voyage took them to the idyllic island of Curaçao. This Caribbean paradise, known for its azure waters and vibrant culture, became home to Claudiu Mincu, Kristoffer Holm, Darko Skaron, and Hogne Rørvik during their two-week service assignment in February, tending to the automation and power systems aboard the Delta Atlas, a platform supply vessel (PSV) of the ULSTEIN PX121 design.

  • Curacao
    In their spare time, the service engineers don't miss the opportunity to experience local culture and attractions.
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    The devil is in the details - service work is meticulous work.
  • 20240215 153053
    Ulstein Power & Control has made substantial equipment deliveries on twelve Tidewater vessels, including ULSTEIN POWER, ULSTEIN IAS, ULSTEIN COM, and bridge systems.
  • Delta Atlas 7
    On the Delta Atlas, the service team holds several roles, including to supervise locally hired personnel, overseeing the replacement of equipment, and ensuring the correct installation of the equipment the company originally manufactured for the ship.
  • Delta Atlas 3
    On board the Delta Atlas, an ULSTEIN PX105 design.
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    Some like it cold: This photo was taken during a service assignment on an expedition cruise vessel in Antarctica.
  • 20240215 153308
    The platform supply vessel Swift Tide quayside in Las Palmas.
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    The ECOFIVE trawler, developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS. Photo: Westcon/Svein Egil Økland.

Back at their base in Ulsteinvik, these engineers split their time between the automation lab and their office desks. At the latter, they oversee deliveries related to the integrated automation system ULSTEIN IAS, the power system ULSTEIN POWER, the communication system ULSTEIN COM, and bridge systems. 

Remote troubleshooting

The automation lab is located centrally in the company’s premises. It has five separate workstations for daily programming, configuration, testing, and verification related to daily updates and/or services.

"Here, we have access to all delivered configurations, and we can, if necessary, within a few minutes “set up” any delivered system and start troubleshooting and setting up error scenarios," says Per Einar Moldskred, who heads the service department at Ulstein Power & Control.

For automation, particularly, changes and upgrades can be tested in the lab programmes before embarking on a service assignment. When unexpected issues arise, the service engineers connect through the remote-control system, identifying faults and determining necessary parts before setting sail.

IMG 9344
The automation lab is located centrally in the company’s premises.

Charting global waters

Ulstein Power & Control operates across all continents, from the icy reaches of Antarctica to the rugged shores of Svalbard and Alaska. Over the past two years, their work has taken them to diverse countries such as China, Australia, Singapore, Namibia, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, England, the USA, and various corners of Norway. Their next assignments include Greece, Malaysia, Australia, and Norway. 

During these assignments, the service engineers work ten-hour days, six days a week. In their spare time, they can experience local culture and attractions. 

Whether nestled in hotels or aboard ships, they play a crucial role in ensuring that vessels equipped with ULSTEIN systems operate smoothly. As Einar Moldskred puts it, "The service engineers provide vital support, ensuring our customers receive the assistance they need."

Delta Atlas
The power and automation team from Ulstein carried out a two-week service assignment aboard the Delta Atlas, a platform supply vessel (PSV) of the ULSTEIN PX121 design.

The Tidewater vessels

“Tidewater Inc., an essential customer for Ulstein, has acquired 37 vessels from Solstad Offshore, of which twelve are of the ULSTEIN PX105 design. We’ve made substantial equipment deliveries on these ships, including ULSTEIN POWER, ULSTEIN IAS, ULSTEIN COM, and bridge systems," says Moldskred.

20240215 154240

"In October, Ulstein Power & Control succeeded in signing a substantial service assignment with the ship owner. The work started with inspection and mapping while the vessel was quayside in Brazil, followed by subsequent work at Las Palmas. Our two service engineers, Tom André Strand and Bjørn Olav Dybhavn, have been closely involved in the project since January. They will remain on-site until the work is completed in April. Their roles include supervising locally hired personnel, overseeing the replacement of equipment, and ensuring the correct installation of the equipment we’ve manufactured for the ship. Our team also actively participates in the start-up and testing the delivered equipment.

"Ulstein Power & Control is experiencing a surge in workload and is actively recruiting. The company has recently hired several new service, engineering, and project management employees. Still, it requires additional staff, particularly in electrical power, automation, and communication systems", concludes Per Einar Moldskred.

Increasing activity

“We are gearing up for the system start-up on Olympic’s offshore wind ships at Ulstein Verft and the equipment start-up on the Bluewild trawler, which is currently under construction at Westcon in Ølen. We’ve noticed a growing trend of ships coming to Ulstein Verft for maintenance or conversion, and these workshop stays often provide additional work opportunities for us at Ulstein Power & Control,” explains Moldskred.

20240319 072434741 i OS 2
The Power and Automation teams in involved in newbuilds and service assignments, this is the next CSOV for Olympic under construction at Ulstein Verft, Norway.

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