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Turning visions into realities motivates us to keep pushing for progress in the maritime industry. 

You can learn more about how we work with our customers to achieve their visions through our stories. 

Windea Leibniz Matthias Giebichenstein cmyk Per Eide

Dedication to offshore wind

Offshore wind energy generation is one means to reach international climate goals. Ulstein has developed offshore wind designs since 2006. The designs draw on our broad experience in oil and gas, and range from new turbine installation concepts to foundation installation vessels and service operation vessels.


Ulstein Marine Equipment - Committed to quality and maritime advancement

Established in 2007 and located in Ningbo's Nordic Industry Park, Ulstein Marine Equipment is a key part of Ulstein Group. We specialise in producing high-quality switchboards, bridge and automation systems, cabinets, and the ULSTEIN COM communication system. Our focus is on reliability and setting new standards in maritime technology. 

Bluewild fishing vessel catch reception

The ECOFIVE catch solution explained

Trawling has always presented some challenges. The award-winning ECOFIVE solution from Bluewild is an ambitious venture that maintains high catch quality and is now being realised in a factory trawler developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. An explanatory animation in this article describes the catch solution.

A multipurpose offshore vessel seen from starboard low side

Next-generation offshore energy vessels

Ulstein started to develop vessels for the offshore oil & gas industry in the 1970s, and dedicated vessels for the offshore wind industry after 2000. The next-generation offshore energy vessels must be flexible and able to work year-round, and we will see several crossover vessels for these two markets.

Esvagt Leah Hermit Prosper 914 Uavpic com

Prolonging the lifetime of the vessel through conversions

There is a large potential in the conversion of an offshore vessel: By redesigning it to another assignment or a whole new market the operational lifetime is prolonged, it is returned to the owner in a shorter time than waiting for a newbuild, and the CO2 emission savings are substantial when upgrading existing tonnage

Matthias G on the Windea Leibniz quayside at Ulstein Verft.

A man of two worlds

Motorbiker. Hard rock musician. Drone pilot. Father and boyfriend. He enjoys good food and loves to be with friends. These are some of the passions nurtured by Matthias Giebichenstein every four weeks. The other four? At sea, offshore, another world. The only joint keyword is food. That’s important, food – and comfort.

Concept designs ULSTEIN THOR and ULSTEIN SIF joint operations

Is Thor’s superpower shipping’s silver bullet?

Ulstein’s announcement of a Thorium-powered ship created massive interest in the market. As shipbuilders and designers, we are looking to take this concept from the drawing board to the deep blue sea. Is this the solution that industry, and society, have been searching for to enable a truly sustainable maritime future?