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Completing the ECOFIVE Trawler

In mid-October 2023, the tow of Bluewild's new trawler arrived at the Westcon Ølen shipyard, Norway, for the final construction phase. The fishing vessel has been developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS in collaboration with the shipowner and will establish a new, green standard within trawl fishing.

Bluewild fishing vessel catch reception

The ECOFIVE catch solution explained

Trawling has always presented some challenges. The award-winning ECOFIVE solution from Bluewild is an ambitious venture that maintains high catch quality and is now being realised in a factory trawler developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. An explanatory animation in this article describes the catch solution.

FX101 Bluewild2 Jan22 Sea SB Aft2

The ECOFIVE concept for sustainable fishing

ECOFIVE is a concept for fishing vessels where the goal is to utilise 100 per cent of the catch, minimise quality losses during handling and reduce energy consumption. Bluewild’s next factory trawler will be the first fishing vessel to use ECOFIVE with, a.o., a newly developed method for taking the catch onboard.