Yno 208 - Norørn

B.nr. 208 - Byggeår 1988. Rederi: Støbakk & Volle, Ålesund. Verft: Ulstein Hatlø AS

Yno 208B Nororn

The vessel is a UT 307 designed by Ulstein Trading Ltd. and built at Ulstein Hatlø yard, division Hatlø, to Det norske Veritas Class + 1A1 - Stern Trawler - E0 - ICE - 1A.

Length over all: 60,50 m 
Length between perpendiculars 51,60 m 
Moulded breadth: 14,00 m 
Moulded depth to main deck: 5,60 m 
Draught: 6,545 m
Deadweight: 1065 t

Fuel oil: 612,1 m3 
Lub. oil: 18,1 m3 
Hydr. oil: 19,6 m3 
Fresh water: 102,3 m3

No. 1 Hold Lower Deck: 1061 m3 
No. 2 Upper Deck: 132 m3 
Meal store: 406 m3 

Speed at ballast draft: 14 knots 
Bollard pull: 62 tonnes at 750 rpm 
46 tonnes at 650 rpm 

BMV Bergen Diesel Main Engine, type BRM-8 2940 kW at 750 rpm 1900 kw at 650 rpm 
Ulstein Main Gear, type 1500 - AGSC-KP25 
Ulstein CP Propeller, four bladed 4000 - 2944 kW, 128 rpm 
Ulstein Step-up gear 110 AG 650 or 750 rpm/in, 1800 rpm, 1200 kW
Ulstein Bow thruster 90 TV-300 kW
Ulstein High Lift Rudder 
Ulstein Passive Stabilizing Tank System 
Shaft generator: Leroy Somer 188 kVA at 1800 rpm 
Auxillary: Cummins KT 38 G/Leroy Somer 679 kW at 1800 rpm. 
Emergency/Harbour aggregate set: 
Cummins/Harbour Somer 220 kW at 1800 rpm 
Starting air compressors: Sperre 
Trawl winches: 2 x 30,5 tonnes 
Sweepline winches: 4 x 11 tonnes 
Gilson winches: 2 x 18 tonnes 
Cod End winch: 1 x 10 tonnes 
Outhaul winch: 1 x 10 tonnes 
Retrieve winch: 1 x 6 tonnes 
Datasoychro 1000 
Steering Gear: Tenfjord 
Deck Cranes: 1 x 2 tonnes, 2 x 3 tonnes 
Filet Factory: Odim/Baader, Norfo/Scanvægt production capacity 45 tonnes 24 h 
Fish meal plant: Stord Bartz type TK3 
Freezing machinery/plate freezers: Brødrene Gram

Radars: 2 x Atlas 7600 AC/TMS 
1 video plotter 
1 radar adapter 
1 Satellite Navigator 
1 Loar C 
1 Gyro, Anchutz 
1 Autopilot, Achscutz 
1 Radio Station, Skanti 
1 Watchkeeping receiver 
1 Radiotelex 
1 Scanmar Fishing Control Equipment 
1 Colour Echo Sounder ES 380 
1 Echo Sounder EO 100 W

for 36 persons in 10 single and 13 double cabins

Ship history:

Other ship name: Hopen, Karelia II


When the fishing quotas were reduced in Norway in the 1990s, the boat received quotas for New Zealand and fished there for some years, before returning to fishery in Norway. Sold to Åge Remøy and renamed "Hopen".

Sold to Karelian Seafood (Sjøvik Trål ? now: Sjovik Seafood) in Russia and fished on Russian quotas. There are Norwegian owners of the boat and Sjøvik, Midsund is the main shareholder.


1993: New name "Hopen"
2001: New name "Karelia II"
2016: Still in operation - Resident in Murmansk - IMO 8706038. Flag: Murmansk, Russia




Då det minka med fiskekvotane i Norge utover 1990-tallet, fekk båten kvoter på New Zealand og fiska der nokre år. Kom tilbake til Norge og fiska her. Vart seld til Åge Remøy og fekk nytt namn "Hopen". Seld til Karelian Seafood (Sjøvik Trål - nå Sjovik Seafood) i Russland og fiska på russiske kvoter. Det er norske eierinteresser med Sjøvik i Midsund som hovedaksjonær.


Andre skipsnamn: Hopen, Karelia II
1993: Nytt namn "Hopen"
2001: Nytt namn "Karelia II"
2017: Fortsatt i drift - Hjemmehørende i Murmansk - IMO 8706038, Flagg: Murmansk, Russland