Yno 228 - Mærsk Fighter

Hull No. 228 built 1992 by Ulstein Verft AS, Norway for A.P. Møller, Denmark.

Yno 228 Mærsk Fighter

The UT 745 Platform Supply Vessel is designed by Ulstein International AS for following duties:
Transport of pipes, cement, equipment, dry and liquid cargo to and from pipe-laying barges, drilling platforms and ships. Loading and unloading alongside a pipelaying barge or drilling/production platforms in a North Sea condition. The vessel is also prepared for Oil recovery operation.

The vessel is executed as Ulstein Verft yard no. 228. The UT 745 has a deadweight of 4640 t and a deck cargo capacity of 2950 t, pipe cargo capacity 2700 t.

The vessel is built and outfitted with machinery and provided with equipment in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of Lloyd's Register of Shipping for world wide service with following class and notation: + 100 A1, + LMC, UMS, LNC (AA) "Offshore Supply Ship", Methanol in integral tank. The vessel is complying with Danish Authorities (DMA) and U.K. Authorities (DOT) for world wide use.

2017: Still active - IMO9034779

Length over all: 82,50 m
Length between p.p: 76,20 m
Breadth moulded: 18,80 m
Depth. mld.: 7,60 m
Draft (summer): 6,23 m
DW: 4640 t
Gross tonnage international: 2961 GRT
Net tonnage international: 1234 NRT
Deck cargo: 2950 t
Deck cargo area: 900 m3

Accommodation for 26 persons in total of which:
- 2 off one-bed cabins with dayroom, bedroom and toilet
- 12 off one-bed cabins with toilet
- 2 off 6-men cabins with toilet
In addition:
- 1 off hospital
- 1 off reception
officers and crew mess rooms

Trial Speed: 15,0 knots

Ulstein Bergen, main engines 2 x BRM-6 each of 2650 kW
Ulstein Propeller:
- Twin screw CP propulsion system: 2 x 2650 kW
- Thrusters: Fore 1 off 883 kW
1 off Compass Thruster 883 kW
Aft: 2 off 590 kW
Motorfabrikken DAN (Svendborg): Steering gear
Ulstein high lift rudders: 2 off
Ulstein passive stab.tank system: 3 off
Ulstein Brattvaag:
- 1 off Windlass, 25 t
- 2 off Capstans, 10 t
- 2 off Tugger Winches, 9,5 t
Ulstein Marine Electronics:
- Main Switchboard 440V/220V
- Emergency Switchboard 440V/220V
- Electronic remote control system for propeller system
- Control consoles and general electrical equipment
- Tank Tender/Data Sound
- Microprocessor based alarm system (UMAS)
- Roll indicator

Mærsk Data:
- Loadstar