Service Operation Vessels

Service operation vessels (SOV) are reliable platforms for wind farm support operations. We also have larger designs for wind farm installations.

Our vessel portfolio consists of innovative working platforms with excellent station-keeping capabilities and low fuel consumption. These group of designs also include vessels such as Installation Support Vessels (ISV), Construction Support Vessels (CSV) and Walk-To-Work (W2W) vessels.

The designs are developed for effective access to wind installations offshore, and to ensure safe operations as well as serving comfortable accommodation for the on-board personnel. Together with experienced partners, we are actively putting mutual knowledge together, to bring forward new installation concepts for the offshore wind industry based on simplistic and proven technologies.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam Dead weight Draught (max) Speed (max) Accommodation Deck area
SX201 80 m 19 m - 6 m 7.5 kn 60 POB 250 (Warehouse area) sqm
SX197 69 m 17.5 m 1,400 t 5.5 m 13 kn 45-60 POB 150 sqm
SX175 88 m 18 m 3,400 t 6.4 m 14 kn 60-90 POB 350 sqm
SX195 93 m 18 m 3,200 t 6.0 m 13 kn 80-120 POB 500 sqm
SX169 88 m 19 m 3,800 t 6.6 m 14 kn 100-150 POB 500 sqm