Yno 209 - Helga II

Yard no 209 built 1988 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Ingimundur H.F., Iceland.

The Vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS and Ulstein Trading Ltd. AS in co-operation, and built at Ulstein Hatlø Yard, division Ulstein, to Det norske Veritas Class +1A1 - Fishing Vessel - Stern Trawler - S - Ice C, and to the satisfaction of the rules and regulations of the Siglingamalastofrun Rikisins (Icelandic Maritime Directorate).

The vessel is a combined purse seiner/stern trawler. It is intended for catching prawns by trawling and herring/ capelan by purse seining under severe conditions in Icelandic waters.

Length over all: 57,45 m
Length between p.p: 49,00 m
Moulded breath: 12,50 m
Moulded breath: 12,50 m
Moulded depth to main deck: 5,25 m
Moulded depth to shelter deck: 7,75 m
Max. draft: 6,50 m

Fuel oil appr.: 350 m3
Fresh water appr.: 50 m3
Ballast water appr.: 70 m3
Hold capacity for fish in bulk appr.: 960 m3
Freezing room capacity appr.: 400 m3

Speed at ballast draft: 14 knots
Bollard pull: 43 tonnes

BERGEN DIESEL Main Engine Type BRM-6
1 x 2205 kW - 750 rpm
ULSTEIN gear box 1500 AGSC with two-speed PTO
ULSTEIN Propeller Nozzle
ULSTEIN High Lift Flap Rudder
TENNFJORD Steering Gear
ULSTEIN Bow Thruster 1 off 90 TV - 500 HP
ULSTEIN Stern Thruster 1 off 90 TV - 500 HP
ULSTEIN Passive Stabilizing Tank System
Shaft generator
Leroy Somer 1500 kVA - 1500 rpm
Aux. engines - Make Cummins
KTA-19-G2 331 kW at 1500 rpm
Generators: Leroy Somer 400 kVA at 1500 rpm
NORWINCH Trawl Winches 2 x 30,5 tonnes
NORWINCH Sweep winches 4 x 9,7 tonnes
NORWINCH Gilson winches 2 x 9,7 tonnes
NORWINCH Outhaul winch 1 x 5.9 tonnes
NORWINCH Cod end winch 1 x 5,6 tonnes
NORWINCH End wire winch 1 x 9,7 tonnes
Purse Net Winch, net stacker etc. Triplex
Deck Crane 1 x 5 t Hydralift
1x 2,5 t Hydralift
Fishpump: RAPP

For 23 persons in 5 single and 9 double cabins.

Radar A: Atlas Rasterscan type 7600 AC/TMS
Radar B: JRC type JMA 3710-6
Plotter for do.: JRC type NWU-51
Echo sounder A: Atlas type 872
Echo sounder B: JRC type JFU-216 colour
Sonar: Kaijo Denki type DCS-220
Radio Direction Finder: Kodnes KS 11 MK 2
Loran C: 2 x Raynav type 750 MK
Gyro compass: Roberson/Plath type RPG-90
Autopilot: Robertson type AP-9 MK
Speed Log: Sagem el.magnetic type LHS
Radio Station: Sailor R 501
VHF Radio Telephone Sailor RT 2047
Catch Control: Scanmar

Manufacturer Camitech
Processing equipment for sorting, cooking, freezing and packing of prawns. In addition, a processing line for "Japan" prawns is installed.
Freezing tunnel capacity 15 tonnes per 24 hours
Plate freezing capacity: 2 off a 15,2 tonnes per 24 hrs.
Manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, plate freezers etc.: Kværner.

Ship history:

Other shipname: "Thorsteinn", "Tuneq"

1995: Renamed "Thorsteinn"
2014: Renamed "Tuneq"
2017: Still active - IMO 8709860. Owner's Royal Greenland, Nuuk, Grønland. The ship is operated by Nataaqnaq Fisheries, Saint John in Canada and is registered in Greenland.


Andre skipsnamn: "Thorsteinn", "Tuneq"
1995: Nytt namn "Thorsteinn"
2014: Nytt namn "Tuneq"
2017: Fortsatt aktiv - IMO 8709860. Eigar er Royal Greenland, Nuuk, Grønland. Båten vert drifta frå Canada av Nataaqnaq Fisheries, Saint John, Canada og er registrert på Grønland.