Yno 209 - Helga II

Yard no 209 built 1988 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Ingimundur H.F., Iceland.

Yno 209B Helga

The Vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS and Ulstein Trading Ltd. AS in co-operation, and built at Ulstein Hatlø Yard, division Ulstein, to Det norske Veritas Class +1A1 - Fishing Vessel - Stern Trawler - S - Ice C, and to the satisfaction of the rules and regulations of the Siglingamalastofrun Rikisins (Icelandic Maritime Directorate).


The vessel is a combined purse seiner/stern trawler. It is intended for catching prawns by trawling and herring/ capelan by purse seining under severe conditions in Icelandic waters.


Length over all: 57,45 m 
Length between p.p: 49,00 m 
Moulded breath: 12,50 m 
Moulded breath: 12,50 m 
Moulded depth to main deck: 5,25 m 
Moulded depth to shelter deck: 7,75 m 
Max. draft: 6,50 m


Fuel oil appr.: 350 m3 
Fresh water appr.: 50 m3 
Ballast water appr.: 70 m3 
Hold capacity for fish in bulk appr.: 960 m3 
Freezing room capacity appr.: 400 m3


Speed at ballast draft: 14 knots 
Bollard pull: 43 tonnes


BERGEN DIESEL Main Engine Type BRM-6 
1 x 2205 kW - 750 rpm 
ULSTEIN gear box 1500 AGSC with two-speed PTO 
ULSTEIN Propeller Nozzle 
ULSTEIN High Lift Flap Rudder 
TENNFJORD Steering Gear 
ULSTEIN Bow Thruster 1 off 90 TV - 500 HP 
ULSTEIN Stern Thruster 1 off 90 TV - 500 HP 
ULSTEIN Passive Stabilizing Tank System 
Shaft generator 
Leroy Somer 1500 kVA - 1500 rpm 
Aux. engines - Make Cummins 
KTA-19-G2 331 kW at 1500 rpm 
Generators: Leroy Somer 400 kVA at 1500 rpm 
NORWINCH Trawl Winches 2 x 30,5 tonnes 
NORWINCH Sweep winches 4 x 9,7 tonnes 
NORWINCH Gilson winches 2 x 9,7 tonnes 
NORWINCH Outhaul winch 1 x 5.9 tonnes 
NORWINCH Cod end winch 1 x 5,6 tonnes 
NORWINCH End wire winch 1 x 9,7 tonnes 
Purse Net Winch, net stacker etc. Triplex 
Deck Crane 1 x 5 t Hydralift 
1x 2,5 t Hydralift 
Fishpump: RAPP


For 23 persons in 5 single and 9 double cabins.


Radar A: Atlas Rasterscan type 7600 AC/TMS 
Radar B: JRC type JMA 3710-6 
Plotter for do.: JRC type NWU-51 
Echo sounder A: Atlas type 872 
Echo sounder B: JRC type JFU-216 colour 
Sonar: Kaijo Denki type DCS-220 
Radio Direction Finder: Kodnes KS 11 MK 2 
Loran C: 2 x Raynav type 750 MK 
Gyro compass: Roberson/Plath type RPG-90 
Autopilot: Robertson type AP-9 MK 
Speed Log: Sagem el.magnetic type LHS 
Radio Station: Sailor R 501 
VHF Radio Telephone Sailor RT 2047 
Catch Control: Scanmar


Manufacturer Camitech 
Processing equipment for sorting, cooking, freezing and packing of prawns. In addition, a processing line for "Japan" prawns is installed. 
Freezing tunnel capacity 15 tonnes per 24 hours 
Plate freezing capacity: 2 off a 15,2 tonnes per 24 hrs. 
Manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, plate freezers etc.: Kværner.

Ship history:

Other shipname: "Thorsteinn", "Tuneq"

1995: Renamed "Thorsteinn"
2014: Renamed "Tuneq"
2017: Still active - IMO 8709860. Owner's Royal Greenland, Nuuk, Grønland. The ship is operated by Nataaqnaq Fisheries, Saint John in Canada and is registered in Greenland.


Andre skipsnamn: "Thorsteinn", "Tuneq"
1995: Nytt namn "Thorsteinn"
2014: Nytt namn "Tuneq"
2017: Fortsatt aktiv - IMO 8709860. Eigar er Royal Greenland, Nuuk, Grønland. Båten vert drifta frå Canada av Nataaqnaq Fisheries, Saint John, Canada og er registrert på Grønland.