Yno 204 - Petur Jonsson

Yard no 204 built 1987 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Petur Stefansson, Iceland.

Yno 204 Petur Jonsson

The Vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS and Ulstein Trading Ltd. AS in co-operation, and built at Ulstein Hatlø Yard, division Ulstein, to Det norske Veritas Class +1A1 - Fishing Vessel - Stern Trawler - S - Ice C, and to the satisfaction of the rules and regulations of the Siglingamalastofrun Rikisins (Icelandic Maritime Directorate). 

The vessel is a combined purse seiner/stern trawler. It is intended for catching prawns by trawling and herring/ capelan by purse seining under severe conditions in Icelandic waters. 

Length over all: 57,45 m 
Length between p.p: 49,00 m 
Moulded breath: 12,50 m 
Moulded breath: 12,50 m 
Moulded depth to main deck: 5,25 m 
Moulded depth to shelter deck: 7,75 m 
Max. draft: 6,50 m
Speed: 14 knop
Other ship names: "Adenia II", "Jona Eðvalds", "Jona Eðvalds II", "Krossøy", "Magnarson", "Meya"
Main engines: Bergen Diesel , 2205 kW
Bollardpull: 43 tonn

1994: Renamed "Adenia II"
2003: Renamed "Jona Eðvalds"
2008: Renamed "Jona Eðvalds II"
2009: Renamed "Krossøy"
2012: Sold to Swemar Göteborg, Sweden and renamed "Meya". Registered in Agadir, Marokko. The boat are now fishing outside West-Sahara.
2017: Still active - IMO 8616142