Yno 215 Polar Circle in Arctic waters.

Yno 215 - Polar Circle

On 10 December 1990, the 'Polar Circle' was delivered from Ulstein Hatlø. The combined passenger vessel/research vessel entered the cruise traffic in January 1991, going to polar areas from Chile. The shipyard was later awarded the 'Outstanding Oceangoing Shipbuilder Award 1991' for the construction of this vessel.

  • Polar Circle, passenger and survey vessel for the Antarctica
  • Parts of the interior on the Polar Circle.
  • Excellent facilities for passengers in the common rooms on board the Polar Circle.
  • Polar Circle in icy waters.
  • Polar Circle from air.


B.nr. 215 - levert 1990. Rederi: Polar Circle KS, c/o Rieber Shipping AS.

10. desember 1990 vart Polar Circle overlevert frå byggeverftet Ulstein Hatlø. Det kombinerte passasjerskipet/forskningsfartøyet skulle då ta til i cruisetrafikk til polare farvatn med utgangspunkt i Chile.

Verftet fekk av Maritime Reporter tildelt prisen 'Outstanding Oceangoing Shipbuilder Award 1991' for Polar Circle, som gjekk i cruisetrafikk til Antarktis.
Andre namn: "HMS Polar Circle", "HMS Endurance"
1991-2008: Båten var chartret av den Kongelige Engelske Marine
1993: Fekk nytt namn "HMS Endurance"
2008: Båten fekk oversvømmelse i maskinområdet og ble tauet inn til Punta Arena
2009: Transportert til Portsmouth
2013: Avgjort at båten skulle hoggast opp
2016: Båten slept til et verft i Tyrkia

Ship history

Hull no 215 built 1990 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Polar Circle KS, c/o Rieber Shipping AS. The vessel was designed by Rieber Shipping AS in co-operation with 
- ULSTEIN HATLØ - Engineering and construction
- Skipskonsulent AS - Project Calculation 
- Marintek AS - Hull Design 
- Arkitektfirmaet Arnstein Arneberg AS - Interior lay-out

Other name: "HMS Polar Circle", "HMS Endurance"
1991-2008: The boat was chartered by the Royal British Navy
1993: Renamed "HMS Endurance"
2008: The boat got flooding in the engine area and was towed to Punta Arena
2009: Transported to Portsmouth
2016: Towed to a shipyard in Turkey.
2023: Still active - IMO 9319997


DnV + 1A1 - Passenger Ship - Icebreaker ICE 05-HELIDK - E0 - ICS - NAUT B/W1 - OC with class notation bis-tmon, for worldwide operation.


Length over all: 91,00 m 
Length between p.p: 82,50 m 
Breadth moulded: 17,90 m 
Depth B-deck: 9,30 m 
Design draught: 6,50 m 
Gross tonnage: 5129 GRT 
Net tonnage: 1538 NRT


A wide range of model tests have been carried out at MARINTEK in Trondheim and HSVA in Hamburg. 
These tests include: 
- Flow visualisation 
- Calm water tests 
- Cavitation tunnel tests 
- Ice-breaking tests 
- Sea keeping tests


Being a research vessel as well as passenger ship, great efforts have been made to secure low levels of noise and vibrations inboard the ship as well as to low levels on the noise radiated into the water.


Fuel oil: 1855,1 m3 
Fresh water: 262,2 m3 
Ballast water: 1286,0 m3 
Cargo Hold: 2505,9 m3 
Jet fuel: 112,6 m3


Trial speed: 14,9 knots


1 BERGEN DIESEL BRG-8 Main engines output: 3000 kW at 750 rpm 
2 Mitsubishi auxiliary engines output: 605 kW at 1800 rpm 
ULSTEIN PROPELLER propeller plant: 
F-1465 1250/4S, 4-bladet, diam. 4000 mm output 6000 kW 
Main gear: Renk-Tacke NDSHQL-2800 
ULSTEIN Propeller nozzle D-165, diam. 4040 mm protected by ice deflector fins. 
ULSTEIN Well dim. rudder with ice knife 
ULSTEIN Bow thruster: 375TV, output 800 kW 
ULSTEIN Stern thruster: 150TV, output 580 kW 
Tenfjord Steering gear 
Leroy Somer shaft generators output 1980 kW 
Leroy Somer auxiliary generator 
Leroy Somer emergency generator set 
Alfa Laval freshwater generator: 
2 off, each capacity 25 25 m3 / 24h 
PEILO Switchboard and consoles 
PEILO Main and utility switchboards 
PEILO Engine room consoles 
PEILO Bridge consoles (designed for DnV class NAUT B/W1-OC) 
Merlin Gerin motor control centers 
Merlin Gerin moulded case circuit-breakers for 
main switchboard and distribution boards.


Valmet Automation AS: Type Damatic 
The system is configured as follows: 
- Mode Selection System for selection of operation mode
- Machinery Control System including remote control 
- Alarm and Monitoring System including event logging 
- Power Management System for control and operation of two aux. generators and two shaft generators 
Remote Control of pumps and valves in: 
- SW and FW cooling water system 
- bilge and ballast water system 
- fuel oil systems 
- Temperature Controllers for freshwater high temp. and low temp. circuits 
- Temperature Controller for salt water cooling circuit
- Interfacing to PEILO DATASOUND remote tank sounding system


Provision crane Hagglunds-MTT AS: SWL = 2 t 
Main crane Hagglunds-MTT AS: SWL = 27 t 
Alt. deck crane Hagglunds-MTT AS: SWL = 5 t 
Macgregor-Navire cargo hatch lightopen 19500 x 8000 
Macgregor-Navire provision hatches lightopening 2250 x 2250 (5pcs) 
STAHL HEISER lift: load 750 kg / 10 persons, 
speed 0,2 - 0,9 m / s 6 stops, total height 14,1 m 
Mooring & Anchor Equipment 
Windlass Odim AS 
Hawserwinch Odim As 
Capstan Odim AS: 5 t 
Stockless anchors: SPEK, each 3115 kg (3 pcs) 
19 lengths, 27 m each, total 522,5 m


Satellite communication system: 
- JRC JUE - 45A (Standard A) 
- JRC JUE - 75A (Standard C) 
Skanti Radiotel, station: TRP 8750 (2 pcs) 
Thrane & Thrane radiotelex: TT-1601 A 
Sailor VHF radioes: RT 2047 (2 pcs) 
Water Dittel VHF radio 
Tron Emergency beacon 1K (2 pcs) 
Jotron helicopt. VHF AM transceiver: TR-6102 
Motorola port UHF radioes: MX-1000 (4 pcs) 
Tayio radio direction finder: TD-Ce18 
- JRC/Raytheon X-band: AFPA 3425/9-XU 
- JRC/Raytheon S-band: ARPA 3410/12-SU 
- JRC Ice radar: JMA-3510S-10 
Robertson chartplotter system JRC/Raytheon 
GPS navigator: Raystar 920 
JRC/Raytheon Loran C navigator: Raynav 780 
Racal Decca navigator: Decca 53 
Robertson autopilot system: APg MKII 
Anschutz gyrocompasses (2pcs): Standard 14 
Simrad scientific echo sounder: EA 500 
Furuno sonar: CH-12 
JRC navigation echo sonar: JFE570S 
Ben Als electromagnetic log: 48


Viking liferafts: DKF20, 15 persons (2 pcs) 
Norsafe lifeboats: TELB "Miriam", length 8,85 m 65 persons ( 2 pcs) 
Norpower mob boat, length 25: 9 persons 
DSB Aqua-safe mob boat 420: 9 persons


Dry laboratory: 66,6 m3 (716,9 ft2) 
Wet laboratory: 35,2 m3 (378,9 ft2) 
Aft.deck: 226,7 m3 (2440,3 ft2) 
Scientific stores: 174,4 m3 (1877,3 ft2) 
Quarter deck: 196,5 m3 (2115,2 ft2) 
A-frame Hydralift: SWL 20 t 
Sonar compartment for installation of bottom equipment


4 single cabins 
41 double cabins 
3 3-passengers cabins 
TOTAL: 95 passengers 

Public Area 
Antarctic Seasons Restaurant: 96 seats 
Polar Circle Lounge w.bar: 46 seats 
Antarctic Ocean Lounge: 20 seats 
Marco Polo Lounge: 24 seats 
Leiv Eiriksson Library: 13 seats 
Discovery Room w.bar: 48 seats 

10 single cabins 
5 double cabins 
5 3-crew cabins 
TOTAL: 35 persons 

Crew Areas 
Crew's mess 12 seats 
Crew's dayroom: 23 seats 

Other Facilities: Sauna, Exercise room, Hospital, Infirmary