Yno 220 - Alaska Ocean

Hull no 220 built 1990 by Ulstein Hatlø AS, Norway for Alaska Ocean Seafood, L.P. Anacortes, Washington, USA

Yno 220 Alaska Ocean

The vessel is a Surimi Factory Trawler 
The conversion is designed by Guido Perla Associates Inc. and executed by Ulstein Hatlø AS. The vessel confirms to Det Norske Veritas + 1A1 - Ice C - Stern Trawler - E0 - Reefer - Unrestricted Service with unmanned engine room and SOLAS 1974 (1983)

Ship history

This was probably the largest and most luxurious of all surimi trawler Ulstein Hatlø delivered. It had Stressless chairs in cabins, bath, bar and cinema with 60 seats. The boat could fish about 500 tons a day. Surimi factory could take away approx 100 tons per. day and night. Price approx. 400 mill. NOK.
Other shipnames: "State Express"
2017: Still active - IMO 8030477. Owner and manager: Glacier Fish, Seattle WA, USA. Flag: Seattle WA, USA


Dette var vel den største og mest luksuriøse av alle surimitrålerne Ulstein Hatlø leverte. Den hadde stressless-stolar i lugarane, badekar, bar og kinosal med 60 sitteplassar. Båten kunne fiske ca. 500 tonn i døgnet. Surimifabrikken kunne ta unna ca. 100 tonn pr. døgn. Pris ca. 400 mill. kr.

Andre skipsnamn: "State Express"
2017: Forsatt aktiv - IMO 8030477. Eigar og driverselskap: Glacier Fish, Seattle WA, USA. Flagg: Seattle WA, USA.

Length over all: 114,60 m 
Length between p.p.: 104,85 m 
Breath moulded: 18,29 m 
Depth Main Deck: 8,23 m 
Depth Upper Deck: 11,43 m 
Design Draught: 6,71 m 
Deadweight: appox. 5000 t

Fuel oil: approx. 1676 m3 
Fresh water: approx. 677 m3 
Ballast water: approx. 1230 m3 
Cargo hold: approx. 3930 m3 
Fish meal hold: approx. 816 m3

Trial speed: 14 knots

Main Engine MaK type 8M 551 
1 x 4600 kW (6250 HP) at 450 rpm 
ULSTEIN main gear type: 2400 AGSC 
ULSTEIN C.P. Propeller: 
Ø4100 kW (140 rpm, 4600 kW 
ULSTEIN Propeller Nozzle 
ULSTEIN High-Lift Flap Rudder 
Tenfjord Steering Gear type 1-18M300/2GM620-FU 
ULSTEIN Bow Thruster 1 x 150 TV - 600 HP 
Auxillary Engines MaK type 8 m 332 
3 x 1600 kW (2176 HP) at 900 rpm 
Auxillary Generators AV Kaick type DODBN 
131 i/8 3 x 1536 kW (1912 kVA) at 900 rpm 
Emegency Generator Engine Caterpillar 
type 3306 T. 1 x 184 kW (247 HP) at 1800 rpm. 
Emergency Generator Caterpillar type SR4 
1 x 150 kW (188 kVA) at 1800 rpm. 
Windlass 1 x 12,7 tonnes 
Trawl winches 2 x 49 tonnes 
Intermediate Gilson Winches 2 x 49 tonnes 
Net winches: 2 x 31,6 tonnes 
Gilson winches: 2 x 50,5 tonnes 
Cod end winches: 2 x 16,0 tonnes 
Outhaul winches: 1 x 6,0 tonnes 
Utility winches: 4 x 2,0 tonnes 
Mooring winches: 4 x 10,0 tonnes 
Cargo winches: 4 x 11,5 tonnes 
Topping winches: 2 x 6,5 tonnes 
Stewing winches: 2 x 6,5 tonnes 
Net sounder winches: 2 x 13,3 tonnes 
Cargo Refrigeration Plant 
Provision Cooling Plant 
Processing Conveyors 
Processing Water Maker: 400 t / 24 h Steam Boilers

2 off Sperry Radars 3400 m 
2 off Furuno colours plotters GD-180 
1 off Furuno current dopler CI-30 
2 off Northstar Loran / GPS 9400 
1 off Robertson Shipmate Satnav

1 off Sperry Satcomm. mCS213 
2 off Skanti SSB Radiotelephone TRP-8258-S 
2 off Skanti VHF 3000 
1 off Sailor Tandem Telegraphy Station 
1 off Taiyo ADF TD-L1620 (VHF) 
1 off Taiyo ADF-TD-C33hHS (MF/HF) 
1 off Intech Watch Receiver 1511 
1 off Furuno Weather Fax Fax-214 
1 off Furuno oceanographic Display SU-18

2 off Furuno Colour Sounder FCV-140 
1 off Furuno Paper Sounder FEW-822 
1 off Furuno Sonar CSH-20 
2 off Simrad Net Sounder F2-3300 
1 off Norwinch Autotrawl 
1 off Furuno Wireless Net Sounder CN-14

Accommodation for 93 persons in: 
11 single cabins 
31 double cabins 
5 4-men cabins