Yno 236 - Normand Pioneer

Hull No. 236 built in 1999 by Ulstein Verft AS for Solstad Rederi AS, Norway

Yno 236 Normand Pioneer2

The UT 742 is a Super Large Multifunctional Anchor Handling / Tug / Supply and Sub Sea Service Vessel designed by Ulstein Ship Technology AS; Design dept.; to satisfy the new demands of the offshore industry as oil exploration and oil production moves into deeper waters. The UT 742 is designed and arranged for a wide spectre of sub sea installation works and services; and can also be arranged for light drilling and similar services. We mention: 
- Sub sea work and installation at sea bed 
- ROV and ROT services 
- Laying and handling of anchors and mooring lines for offshore floating production platforms
- Laying of flexible pipilines on sea bed between oil and gas installations
- Plowing for pipelines in sea bed, with a pull load of approx. 270 tonnes
- Towing of production platforms and drilling platforms
- Handling and installation of construction blocks and equipment
The work deck is designed and prepared for installation of topside modules with weights up to approx. 25000 tonnes


M/S "Normand Pioner" is built with two moon pools in ship centre line. The work moon pool has dimensions approx. 7 m x 7 m, and the ROV moon pool approx 4,5 m x 4,5 m. The moon pools are located close to the vessel's flotation centre, and are arranged with sea flow dampening compartments. The UT-742 is generally designed and arranged according to "Class III" vessel with two main propulsion machinery plants in separate machinery compartmenst. M/S "Normand Pioner" i equipped and certified as a "Class II" vessel, and is prepared for later conversion to "Class III". M/S "Normand Pioner" is built with a hotel compliment of high standards and with capacity for 73 persons. Further with a helicopter landing platform for Super Puma or Sikorsky S61.

2017: Still active - IMO 9179751. Flag: Douglas, Isle of Man, UK


Length over all, approx 95,0 m 
Length between p.p 80,7 m 
Breadth moulded 24,0 m 
Depth moulded 9,7 m 
Draught midship (moulded) 7,800 m 
Max draught aft 8,315 m


Ballast water 3928 m3 
Fresh water 1038 m3 
Fuel oil (IF 40) 1110 m3 
Fuel oil (GO) 1104 m3 
Cargo (rig) chain lockers, 4 in number 577 m3 
Cargo deck area (21 m x 45,5 m) ~ 950 m2 
Cargo deck dimensioning 10 T/m2 
Deck cargo (G = 1,0 m above deck) 3540 T 
Deadweight at summer draught 7,80 m 5293 T (A-Frame is regarded as deadweight)
Gross tonnage, international 5906 GRT 
Net tonnage, international 1771 NRT


DnV + 1A1, Tug Supply Vessel, SF, EO, 
DynPos AUTR, Ice C, HELDK 
Notation: tmon
Flag: Isle of Man


Speed, approx 17 knots 
Bollard Pull, approx 270 tonnes


The vessel is built with a compliment for totally 73 persons
- Two of one-bed cabins with day room and bedroom 
- Eleven one-bed cabins 
- Twentyeight of two-bed cabins 
All cabins with separate toilet/shower
- Mess room and day room in vicinity of galley
- Day room and Smokers corner - Conference room and office 
- Laudrries, hospital with reception and wardrobe 
- Dry provision room, refrigerated room, and freezer room


Deck Cranes 
A-frame, 150 T SWL
One knuckle jib crane, 5 tonnes at 12 mtrs. 
One knuckle jib crane, 5,5 tonnes at 15 mtrs. (MOB1500) 
Two folding cranes - max 2,5 T - serving anchor handling area, each 30,8 TM, max reach 16,8 m and 19,1 m respectively. Prepared for installation of one offshore rated crane 1745 TM


Liquid Cargo discharge systems 
Two fuel oil pumps, el. driven 2-speed, each 163 m3/h - 9 bar 
Two fresh water pumps, el. driven 2-speed, each 150 m3/h - 9 bar 
Two ballast pumps, el. driven, 310 m3/h - 2,5 bar
The ship tanks are prepared for eventual later installation of liquid mud system 
Space is reserved for eventual later installation of cement/ baryte tanks


Rudders / Steering Gear 
Two ULSTEIN High Lift Flap Rudders 
Two ULSTEIN Steering Gear


Side Thrusters 
Two ULSTEIN Side Thrusters forward, each of 1000 kW
One ULSTEIN Swing-up Compass Thruster forward, 2000 kW with frequency transformer 
Two ULSTEIN Side Thrusters aft, each of 1470 kW


Roll Damping System 
Two ULSTEIN Passive Stabilizing Tank Systems


Mannoeuvring / Positioning 
Ulstein Poscon Joystick 
Dynamic Positioning System DnV AUTR (Class 2) with: 
- Position Reference System 
- HiPAP, Fanbeam, Tautwire winch, 2 of DGPS
- Tension control for AHT winch wire
- Tension control for pipe laying equipment


Navigation / Communication 
S-band ARPA radar and X-band TM radar with remote display 
Electronic chart system (ECDIS)
Radio installation according to GMDSS ?area A3
Inmarsat C, Inmarsat B and Mini M SatCom Satelite TV


Deck Machinery 
Two ULSTEIN combined Windlass / Mooring Winches
Two ULSTEIN Tugger Winches, pull 15 T
Two ULSTEIN Capstans aft, pull 15 T
One ULSTEIN Spare Wire Winch, pull 15 T. Capacity: 1500 m of 83 mm dia. wire 
One ULSTEIN declutchable Anchor Handling Drum with ULSTEIN Spooling Gear. Capacity: 1500 m of 109 mm dia. wire, Low gear 500 T at 0 - 11 m/min., Brake holding load 560 T
Two ULSTEIN declutchable Towing Drums with ULSTEIN Spooling Gear. Capacity each: 2000 m of 83 mm dia wire. Low gear 400 T at 0 - 14 m/min., Brake holding load 685 T
One ULSTEIN Secondary Winches with Spooling Device Pull 63 T, capacity: 1400 m of 7 in. dia.synthetic rope 
One ULSTEIN Stern Roller, 500 T SWL, L7000, D4000 
Two retractable anchor handling forks, 750 T SWL
Two retractable lifting pins, 10 T, H600. 
Two sets of retractable towing pins, 270 T SWL


One incinerator, capacity 500.000 kcal/hr., also burning slugde


Life Saving Equipment 
One FRC with approved one-armed davit 
6 life rafts with capacity for 20 persons, and 4 life rafts with capacity for 25 persons


Pancake of Aluminium
Size: 22,2 m * 22,2 m, orthogonal shape
Dimensioned for Super Puma and Sikorsky S61
Approvals: DnV, NMD, NAA, UK CAA (CAP 437) / BHAB


Machinery / Propulsion System 
Main propulsion with four main engines and two main propellers
Heavy fuel oil IF 40
Modularized engine room 
- Two main engines (inner) each of 5280 kW at 600 rpm 
- Two main engines (outer) each of 3960 kW at 600 rpm 
- Two reduction gears, with declutchable primary PTO for shaft alternators
- Two ULSTEIN CP Main Propellers i Nozzles, each 9240 kW/dia 4500 mm/speed 138 rpm 
Fresh Water Generator 
- Two FW generators, each w. capacity 12,5 tonnes per 24 hours
Electric Powerplant (690 VOLT AC ? 50-60 HZ) 
- Two shaft alternators, each of 4375 kVA
Four generator sets, each of 1500 kVA
Emergency generator, 468 kVA


Electric Equipment 
- ULSTEIN Main Switchboard 690 V / 440 V / 220 V control room
- ULSTEIN Emergency Switchboard 
- ULSTEIN Motor Control Centres 
- ULSTEIN Control Consoles in brigde and engine control room 
- ULSTEIN general Electric Equipment 
- ULSTEIN Power Management System 
- ULSTEIN Multifunctional Automation System (UMAS-V) with integration (PC control) of: 
Alarm and Monitoring System
Tanktender System (cargo control)
Tank Sounding System 
Load Calculator