Yno 240 - Normand Atlantic

Hull No. 240 built in 1997 by Ulstein Verft AS for Solstad Offshore ASA, Norway


The UT 740 is a Large Multifunctional Anchor Handling / Tug / Supply and Service Vessel designed to satisfy the demands of the offshore industry as oil exploration and oil production move into deeper waters. Besides undertaking normal supply duties between land base and drilling sites, the vessel is designed and equipped for: Anchor Handling in deep water, Towing, ROV/Subsea Service, Heavy lift/Ploughing through A-frame, Standby/Rescue, Oil Recovery and Fire Fighting. The UT 740 is characterised by high installed powers and high bollard pull, large deadweight, bunker capacity for long tows and a powerful winch.

2021: Scrapped

2023: Still active - IMO 9155054

Numbers below are taken from product leaflet at the 1997 delivery:

Length over all, approx 80,42 m 
Length between p.p 69,30 m 
Breadth moulded 18,00 m 
Depth moulded 9,50 m 
Design draught 7,00 m 
Max. draught midship 7,77 m


Ballast water 2230 m3 
Fresh water 1080 m3 
Dry bulk cargo tanks (cement) 12000 cu.ft. 
Fuel oil 1500 m3 
Liquid mud 545 m3 
Brine 440 m3 
Cargo chain lockers 540 m3 
Oil rec. 1050 m3 
Cargo deck area approx. 600 m2 
Deck cargo (G="1,0" m above deck) approx 1200 T 
Deadweight approx. 3950 T 
(A-frame regarded as Deadweight)


DnV + 1A1, Tug Supply Vessel, SF, EO, Oil Recovery, DynPos AUTR, Fi-Fi I, Fi-Fi II, Ice C


Bollard pull 220,3 T 
Speed, approx 17,27 knots


The vessel has accommodation and equipment for 52 persons. and facilities for approx. 300 survivors


Bulkhandling system 
For ULSTEIN vertical Cement Tanks Total capacity 340 cu.metres


Deck Cranes 
One deck crane, 5 tonnes at 10 metrs
One ROV deck crane, 5 tonnes at 12 metrs
Two deck cranes in anchor handling area 
A-frame, 150 tonnes SWL


Rudders / Steering Gear 
Two ULSTEIN High Lift Flap Rudders 
Two ULSTEIN independent electric - hydraulic Steering Gear


Side Thrusters 
Two ULSTEIN Side Thruster aft. each 590 kW 
One of ULSTEIN Side Thruster forward 1103 kW 
One of ULSTEIN Swingup Azimuth Thruster forward 883 kW


Roll Damping System 
ULSTEIN Passive Stabilizing Systems


Mannoeuvring / Positioning 
ULSTEIN Joystick 
DynPos AUTR 
Wire tension control for AHT winch 
Taut wire winch


Navigation / Communication 
S-band and X-band radars with plotter
Electronic chart system with printer 
Radio installation according to GMDSS - A3 with Inmarsat C, Inmarsat B


Deck Machinery 
One ULSTEIN Tugger Winches, 15 tonnes 
Two ULSTEIN Tugger/Storage Winches, 15 tonnes 640 m of dia. 76 mm 
Two ULSTEIN Capstans aft, 15 tonnes 
One ULSTEIN Capstans forward, 6 tonnes 
One ULSTEIN Special Handling Drum: Capacity 1500 m of 109 mm dia. wire 0-43 m/min. brake 560 Two ULSTEIN Special Handling Drum: Capacity: 1500 m of 109 mm dia. wire, 0-43 m/min., brake 560 tonnes 
Two ULSTEIN Handling/Towing Drums: Capacity each: 2000 m of 83 mm dia wire. 0-68 m/min. brake 550 tonnes 
One ULSTEIN Secondary Winch, 60 tonnes Capacity 1400 m of 7" dia synghetic rope 
One ULSTEIN Spare Towing Wire Drum 
One ULSTEIN Stern Roller Two retractable anchor handling tongs 
Two retractable pop-up pins 
Four towing pins


Life Saving Equipment 
One MOB-boat with approved one-armed davit 25 knots speed


Machinery / Propulsion System 
Four Main engines, each of 3345 kW (Total 13380 kW) 
Two ULSTEIN Main Propellers, each of 6690 kW in fixed nozzles


Electric Power Plant (440 V - 60 Hz) 
One generator set, 620 kVA 
One generator set, 1788 kVA 
Two shaft generators, each of 3000 kVA


Electric Equipment 
ULSTEIN Motor Control Centres and general Electrical. Equipment
ULSTEIN Alarm System (UMAS) 
ULSTEIN Tanktender System 
ULSTEIN Datasound


Fire Fighting System (Fi-Fi I + II) 
Two pumps, ecah of 4075 m3/h 
Two water monitors, each of 3600 m3/h 
Throw length 180 m 
Throw height 110 m 
Self protection sprinkler system 2x400 m3/h