Yno 248 - Fresnel

Built in 1997 by Ulstein Verft AS for Care Offshore. The UT 736 Large Platform Supply / Cable Laying Vessel was designed by Ulstein Industrier AS, dept. Ulstein International, to provide a large operational flexibility on the offshore services and cable laying operations.

Yno 248 Fresnel


The UT 736 Large Platform Supply / Cable Laying Vessel is designed by Ulstein Industrier AS, Dept. Ulstein International, to provide a large operational flexibility on the offshore services and cable laying operations. The vessel design can be equipped with different machinery and equipment configurations to meet the Owners specific requirements. The vessel is constructed as Ulstein Verft AS hull no. 248. 


Ship history

2003: Renamed: "Toisa Pisces"
2016: Still active - IMO 9139074. Owner: Sealion Shipping, Farnham UK. Flag: Monrovia, Liberia. The current 'Toisa Pisces' is a Liberia-flagged well test and servicing vessel. She is classified by Det Norske Veritas as an oil production and storage unit. 

Length over all approx. 103,67 m 
Length between p.p. 96,65 m 
Breadth moulded 23,20 m 
Depth main deck 9,00 m 
Draught 7,05 m

Ballast water 3915 m3 
Fresh water 1439 m3 
Cable capacity 4300 t 
Fuel oil 2140 m3 
Lub. oil 58 m3 
Gross tonnage international 6492 GRT 
Net tonnage international 1948 NRT 
Dead-weight at draught 7,05 m approx. 7781 t 
Work deck area (main deck) approx. 1380 m2

The vessel is outfitted with machinery and provided with equipment in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of Det norske Veritas AS with following class and notation: +1A1, Ice C, E0, W1-OC, Dynpos AUT Special purpose vessel according to IMO A 534 (Damage Stability) 
Fulfilling French Marine Marchande requirements

Bollard pull (continuous part load 80%) approx. 80 t 
Trial speed (d = 6,0) approx. 15,1 knots

The accommodation in general is spacious and especially well noise insulated. 
Accommodation for 70 persons in total of which: 
- 28 single cabins 
- 21 double cabins 
- 2 day rooms 
- 1 mess room

Deck Cranes 
- Two offshore rated, telescopic deck cranes, 5 tonnes at 16 metres

Liquid Cargo Discharge Systems 
- One fresh water pump 
- One ballast/drill water pump 
- One fuel oil pump

Side Thrusters 
- Two ULSTEIN Tunnel Thrusters forward, each of 883 kW 
- One ULSTEIN Swing-up Compass Thruster forward, 883 kW

Roll Damping System 
- ULSTEIN Passive Roll Damping System

- Dynpos/Joystick system according to DnV Dynpos (AUT) Reference systems: HPR, DGPS

Navigation / Communication 
- S-band and X-band ARPA radars 
- Two Gyro compasses 
- Autopilot 
- Doppler and Electromagnetic Log 
- Three GPS
- Radio Installation according to GMDSS-A3 with Inmarsat B and C 
- VHF and UHF radios

Deck Machinery 
- One ULSTEIN Windlass/Mooring Winch, 16,8 tonnes 
- Two ULSTEIN Capstans, 8,0 tonnes

Lifesaving Equipment 
- Two lifeboats, each of 70 persons 
- One rescue/workboat 
- Six inflatable liferafts, each of 25 persons

Misc. Accommodation Facilities 
- "French kitchen" 
- Advanced high performance HVAC plant 
- Toilet and shower for all cabins 
- Vacuum toilet plant 
- Sewage treatment unit

Separator Plant 
- One fuel oil separator 
- Three lubricating oil separators

Diesel Electric Propulsion System 
- Three ULSTEIN Main Diesel Generator Engines, each of 3775 kW 
- Two ULSTEIN Azimuth Compass Thrusters with built-in steering gears and reduction gears 
- Two 2-speed AC electric motors, each of 3300 kW-6600 V

Electric Power Plant (6600 V - 60 Hz / 440 V - 60 Hz) 
- Three main generators, each of 3625 kW 
- Two harbour generators, each of approx. 450 kW 
- One emergency generator, approx. 100 kW 
- Two transformers, 6600 V/440 V - 1600 kVA 
- Main switchboard, 6600 V 
- Switchboard, 440V/220V 
- Emergency switchboard, 440V/220V 
- Power management system

Electric Equipment 
- ULSTEIN Control Consoles and general Electrical Equipment 
- ULSTEIN Alarm System (UMAS) 
- ULSTEIN Tanktender 
- ULSTEIN Datasound 
- ULSTEIN Bridge Alarm System 
- ULSTEIN Engine Telegraph 
- PABX telephone system 
- PA-system 
- Common TV/Radio antenna distribution system 
- Addressable fire alarm system Fresh water generators 
- Two FW generators, each of 20 tonnes/day

- One incinerator 500.000 kcal/h