Yno 250 - Northern Gambler

Hull No. 250 built 1996 by Ulstein Verft AS for KS Northern Gambler DK operated by Sævik Supply Management AS.

Yno 250 Northern Gambler

The UT 745 Platform Supply Vessel is designed by Ulstein Industrier AS; Dept. Ulstein International for following duties: Transport of pipes; cement; equipment; dry and liquid cargo to and from pipe-laying barges; drilling platforms and ships. Loading and unloading alongside a pipelaying barge or drilling/production plattform in a North Sea condition. The vessel is also prepared for Oil recovery operation. The vessel is excuted as Ulstein Verft AS yard no 250. The UT 745 has a deadweight of 4590 T; a deck cargo capacity of 3200 T and a pipe cargo capacity of 2600 T.

Other shipnames: "FS Pegasus"

2009: Rename: "FS Pegasus"
2017: Still active - IMO 9133111. Owner: Fletcher Shipping, Aberdeen UK. Flag: Aberdeen, UK

Length over all approx 84,00 m 
Length between pp 76,20 m 
Breadth moulded 18,80 m 
Dept moulded 7,60 m 
Draught (summer) 6,23 m


Ballast water 1316 m3 
Fresh water 837 m3 
Fuel oil 1503 m3 
Methanol 168 m3 
Base oil 300 m3 
Liquid mud 506 m3 
Brine 935 m3 
Gross tonnage international 3041 GRT 
Net tonnage international 1381 NRT 
Deadweight at draught 6,23 m approx 4900 T 
Deck cargo (CoG="1,0m" above deck) approx 3200 T 
Cargo deck area (free area) approx 975 m2


The vessel is outfitted with machinery and provided with equipment in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of Det norske Veritas AS for world wide service with following class and notation: +1A1, W1-OC, E0, LFL*, SF 
The vessel is complaying with Norwegian Authorities (NMD) for such vessel for world wid operation.


Trial Speed 15,0 knots


Accommodation for 36 persons in total of which: 
- Two of one-bed cabins with dayroom, bedroom and toilet
- Ten of one-bed cabins with toilet 
- Six of two-bed cabins with toilet 
- One of six-men cabin with toilet (passengers) 
In addition: 
- Mess and day room 
- Hospital


Dry Bulkhandling System 
- Eight ULSTEIN Cement Tanks Total capacity 396 cu. mtrs.


Deck crane 
- One telescopic marine deck crane, 2 tonnes at 16 metres


Liquid Cargo Discharge System 
- Two liquid mud pumps each of 75 m3/h - 24 bar (hydr.) 
- Six mud agitators (hydr.) 
- One brine pump, 100 m3/h - 24 bar (hydr.) 
- One fuel oil pump 250 m3/h - 9 bar (hydr.) 
- One fresh water pump 250 m3/h - 9 bar (el.) 
- One drillwater pump, 250 m3/h 9 bar (hydr.) 
- One methanol pump, 75 m3/h - 9 bar (hydr.) 
- One mineral oil pump, 125 m3/h - 9 bar (el.) 
- Aggregate, 3 x 315 l/min - 250 bar (hydr.)


Rudder/Steering Gear 
- Two ULSTEIN Tunnel Thrusters forward, each of 883 kW 
- Two ULSTEIN Tunnel Thrusters aft, each of 590 kW


Roll Damping System 
Three ULSTEIN Passive Stabilizing Tank Systems


- S-band and X-band radars with plotter 
- Gyro 
- Auto Pilot 
- Log 
- Echo sounder 
- GPS 
- Radio installation according to GMDSS - A3 with Inmarsat B and C 
- VHF radios (also portable)


Deck Machinery 
- One ULSTEIN Combined Windlass/Mooring Winch, 15,1 tonnes 
- Two ULSTEIN Capstans, 10 tonnes 
- Two ULSTEIN Tugger Winches, 10 tonnes


Lifesaving Eqipment 
- One MOB-boat with one-armed davit 
- Six life rafts, each of 16 men


Machinery/Propulsion System 
- Two ULSTEIN Main Engines BRM-6, each of 2650 kW 
- Two ULSTEIN CP Propulsion Systems, each of 2650 kW 
Reduction Gears with 2 step primary PTO for shaft generators 
Electric Power Plant (440V AC - 60 Hz 
- Two shaft alternators, each of 2250 kVA 
- Two generator sets, each of 450 kVA 
- Emergency generator, 95 kVA 
- Transformers, 2 x 80 kVA, 1 x 25 kVA (450/220V)


Electric Equipment 
- ULSTEIN Main Switchboard 440V/220V 
- ULSTEIN Emergency Switchboard 440V/220V 
- ULSTEIN Control Consoles and general electric equipment 
- ULSTEIN Tank Tender System/Data Sound 
- ULSTEIN Microprocessor based Alarm System (UMAS) 
- ULSTEIN Brigde Alarm System 
- ULSTEIN Engine Telegraph