ULSTEIN HX118 high


The ULSTEIN HX118 heavy lift crane vessel design is the successor to the successful and proven ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design, with the primary markets offshore wind foundation installation and oil & gas decommissioning. The vessel offers a well-balanced combination of payload, flush work deck area and lifting capacity.

Primary Specifications

215.0 m
56.0 m
Draught (max)
7.5-10 m
Speed (max)
13 kn
150 - 200 POB
Deck area
8,000 sqm
Crane capacity
5,000 mT

Additional Data

Dead weight
Propulsion thrusters
4 x 3,500
Retractable thrusters
2 x 3,000
Tunnel thrusters
2 x 3,000
Main gen sets (dual fuel)
4x 7,500
Deck strength
Project space/cargo hold
Note: Subject to selected variant configuration

Together with its powerful DP2/DP3 system and mooring capability, the vessel meets the market demand for CAPEX-friendly, yet flexible future-proof assets that can handle XL monopiles and jacket foundations.

  • Positioning system: DP2/DP3, 8-point mooring
  • Alternative fuel prepared (methanol/ammonia/hydrogen)

Mission equipment

  • Main crane, typically 5,000 mT @ 36 m TMC with foldable A-frame
    • Main hook: Dual main hoist
    • Main hook height (above deck): 125 m
D85 CG012700 M Alpha 3000 T 45d 4 S
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