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Gunvor Ulstein appointed CEO in Ulstein Group

In November 2023, former CEO Gunvor Ulstein returned to Ulstein Group as acting CEO.  In an Ulstein Group Board meeting on 25 January 2024, she was appointed CEO of Ulstein Group.

29 January 2024

Tore Ulstein, Chair of the Board of Ulstein Group, is very pleased that Gunvor takes on the position of CEO.

"Gunvor Ulstein represents the third generation in Ulstein Group. She has held several positions in Ulstein, but already as a 29-year-old in 1999, she took on the top executive role, a position she held for almost 22 years until 2020. Gunvor represents continuity, and she has been heading the group through upturns and downturns.

"Ulstein's strategy is sustainable growth, internationalisation, and innovation. We are a solid and long-term partner, working to give our customers a competitive edge and helping to reduce their risks along the way.  

"For more than a century, Ulstein has lived up to market expectations through our creativeness and innovation. The future success will depend on our ability to come up with new ideas and our willingness to challenge conventional ways of doing things. With creative enthusiasm, we will work on combining skills, knowledge, and creativity to come up with new concepts, solutions and products that can carry the maritime sector into the future. Gunvor Ulstein is committed to achieving results together with all our skilled employees. We are confident that she will play a key role in turning Ulstein's potential into reality in the coming years," concludes Tore Ulstein. 

Gunvor Ulstein photo Marius Beck Dahle

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Ulstein Group CEO, Cathrine Kristiseter Marti, has decided to take on a new opportunity outside the Group and will resign from her position. Ulstein Group's former CEO, Gunvor Ulstein, will be constituted CEO from 29 November 2023.