SX222 BSO Sea SB Fore


A TWIN X-STERN Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (CSOV), to be equipped with a hybrid battery propulsion system and prepared for green methanol fuel to enable carbon-neutral operations. 

Owned By
Bernhard Schulte Offshore
Built By
Ulstein Verft AS
Yard Number

Primary Specifications

89.6 m
19.2 m
132 POB
Note: Specifications may have changed since the original completion date.

The vessel, which utilises the TWIN X-STERN design, features two sterns and main propellers located at both fore and aft, making it an ideal choice for Dynamic Positioning (DP) operations. With the TWIN X-STERN solution, the ships can achieve improved fuel efficiency while also minimising motion, the latter a crucial element for safety as the technicians need high-quality rest to perform their duties.

The vessel has a length of 89.6 m and a beam of 19.2 m. It has a large, centrally positioned walk-to-work motion-compensated gangway and elevator tower for personnel and cargo transfers. Furthermore, a 3D compensated crane capable of 5-ton-offshore-cargo lifts is installed. The optimised onboard logistics include large storage capacities and a stepless approach to the offshore installations.

The SX222 design platform is adapted to the shipowner's needs, including single cabins for 110 persons. In total, the vessels will be able to accommodate 132 people. The ships are flexible and attractive for work within areas such as O&M (Operation and Maintenance) or construction support, especially in challenging weather and sea conditions.


Contract signed:Jun -23

Steel cutting: Oct -23

Delivery:  2025

Kolbjørn Moldskred DSC4422 comp bw

Kolbjørn Moldskred

Sales Manager Newbuild

Ulstein Verft AS