WINDEA Leibniz

Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for the offshore wind industry. The X-BOW and X-STERN hull lines improve the ability to stay positioned with little movements for safe transfer of technicians and equipment to the turbines. Upgrade to CSOV 2022/23: Increased accommodation and installation of adjustable gangway.



Owned by

Bernhard Schulte Offshore/ICBC Leasing

Yard number


Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

Bernhard Schulte Offshore

Operated by

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

88 m
18 m
Dead weight:
3150 tonnes
Draught (max):
6.4 m
Speed (max):
13.5 kn
60 POB
Deck area:
380 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Fuel oil:
1150 cbm
Fresh water:
1200 cbm
Ballast water:
2400 cbm


  • DnV +1A1, SF, E0, Offshore Service Vessel, DYNPOS AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(3) C(3), DK(+), BIS, NAUT-AW, LCS-DC, BWM-T, HELIDK, Recyclable

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Ship history

Delivered on 28 February 2017 and named at Ulstein Verft on 2 March by lady sponsor Dai Ling at ICBC Leasing. Yard number 310 from Ulstein Verft and X-BOW hull line design number 100 from Ulstein Group. Features the X-STERN solution for increased comfort, noise and vibrations when moving backwards in between the turbines at the wind farm. The vessel was one of the nominees for the 2017 Ship of the Year Award.

The vessel's name is honouring the German mathematician, philosopher and physicist Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who in the 17th century proposed to use wind power to operate pumps.

Sister vessel to Windea La Cour.

The vessel has been contracted by Siemens Wind Power to service Vattenfall's offshore wind farms Sandbank and DanTysk in the German Bight, starting in April 2017. The Sandbank farm is situated some 100 kilometres from the home port of Esbjerg, Denmark. The wind farm covers 60 square kilometres with a total of 72 wind turbines, and was completed in 2017. The farm produces green electricity for 400,000 households. In close vicinity to the Sandbank is the DanTysk wind farm, which started to produce electricity in 2015.

The usage of Service Operation Vessels (SOV) will improve the efficiency of service operations at offshore wind farms. The vessels function as reliable and environmentally sound platforms for wind farm operations and maintenance support, technician accommodation and transport, and the provision of exceptional levels of safe and reliable access to offshore installations.

Matthias Müller, managing director at Bernhard Schulte Offshore, said:

“The vessel has the special X-STERN hull shape which allows to be positioned with the stern faced towards the weather instead of only with the bow. Her award-winning sister vessel Windea La Cour, which is working in the Dutch Gemini wind farm since August 2016, has already proven that this leads to improved weather resilience, greater operability and reduced power and fuel consumption while on DP mode next to the wind turbine.”

2022, 31 October: The vessel returned to Ulstein Verft for an upgrade from SOV to CSOV: After installation of an adjustable pedestal for the gangway, and a 50 per cent increase of single cabins for charterers, the vessel will be ready for assignments in the Baltic Sea as well as the North Sea.

“After the conversion, this will be one of very few vessels with 60 single cabins for charterers, compared to the current 40. This means that we can take more people in, enabling the vessel to operate as a Construction-SOV. Further, the installation of an adjustable pedestal for the Uptime gangway means that the vessel can cater for all TP heights of the North Sea. Furthermore, it will be one of the few purpose-built SOVs which can work in the Baltic Sea which has lower TP heights," says Matthias Müller.

Arriving at Ulstein Verft, end October 2022.

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