Yacht and Yacht Support

We offer excellence in ship design and ship construction. Being a reliable provider of high quality vessels for 100 years, we develop luxury yachts, mega yachts, super yachts and yacht support vessels together with our customers.

We draw on our experience from harsh environments to deliver the Ulstein organic design concept - the ULSTEIN X-BOW®. Most, but not all, of our yacht designs feature this bow design for optimum comfort and safety in rough, head seas. With the integration of advanced technology, and customised to the owner’s specifications and their choice of yacht interior designers, the Ulstein yacht is a symbol of refined luxury, and one that can handle all conditions.

Yacht support

Our yacht support designs are available as newbuilds or as refits of vessels, typically Platform Supply Vessels, and offer high flexibility in customer specific deck arrangements.

Green initiatives

All yachts can be featured with a variety of green solutions, please read more.

Vessel designs

Name Length Beam GT Guests Crew Optional features Vessel type
CX128 55 m 11.8 m 1,380 t 12 15 Green initiatives Yacht
CX124 71.9 m 13.7 m 2,400 12 21 Green initiatives Yacht
CX125 90.4 m 16.3 m 4,700 12 24 Green initiatives Yacht
CX126 97.8 m 16.3 m 5,100 t 12-36 24-36 Green initiatives Yacht
CX110 110 m 15.6 m 4,650 36 70 Green initiatives Yacht
CX123 120 m 18 m 7,000 t 12-36 46 Green initiatives Yacht
CX127 139 m 25 m 16,000 t 12 120 Green initiatives Research/Yacht
PX121 83,4 m 18 m 3,400 12 24 Green initiatives Yacht rebuild
PX121 83,4 m 18 m 3,400 12 24 Green initiatives Yacht support rebuild
CX105 88.5 m 16.3 m 3,500 t 12 24 Green initiatives Yacht support
CX130 91 m 17 m 4,100 4 43 Green initiatives Yacht support

Reference vessels