Yacht and Yacht Support

We offer excellence in ship design and ship construction. Being a reliable provider of high quality vessels for 100 years, we develop luxury yachts, mega yachts, super yachts and yacht support vessels together with our customers.


We draw on our experience from harsh environment to deliver the Ulstein organic design concept. With the integration of advanced technology, and customised to the owner’s specifications and their choice of yacht interior designers, the Ulstein yacht is a symbol of refined luxury, and one that can handle all conditions. 

Ulstein yacht


Yacht support vessels with ULSTEIN X-BOW® give high flexibility in customer specific arrangement of deck. Yacht support available as newbuilt or as retrofit of vessel currently for sale, typically a PSV vessel.

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Lars Ståle Skoge, sales and marketing manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions AS
Lars Ståle Skoge

Sales & Marketing manager

Tel: +47 915 81 226


Trond Skodjevåg Bø, sales manager Ulstein Verft
Trond Skodjevåg Bø

Sales manager

Tel: +47 952 01 043