Acta Marine reveals name of their next walk-to-work vessel


The construction of Acta Marine’s next walk-to-work vessel and second Ulstein SX195 design is progressing well and has reached complete hullbeam at Crist shipyard in Poland. Acta Marine today announced that the vessel will sail under the name Acta Centaurus.

The vessel is named after the constellation Centaurus which is one of the largest constellations in the sky. It represents the centaur, the half man, half horse creature in Greek mythology. The vessel will continue the success of her sister vessel Acta Auriga regarding workability, in-field agility, offshore logistics and comfort on board for 120 persons. Due to continuous improvements in Acta Marine’s fleet regarding fuel consumption, the vessel will be equipped with a hybrid battery package. In addition, Acta Centaurus will also be equipped with a helideck.

Upon delivery the Acta Centaurus will join Acta Auriga and Acta Orion, and as such form the third vessel in the Acta fleet dedicated for walk-to-work, offshore logistics and accommodation services for a variety of clients in the offshore renewable industry.

The completed hull is expected to be towed from of Crist, Poland to Ulsteinvik, Norway end November 2018. Thereafter Ulstein Verft will complete the outfitting of the vessel and the installation of the SMST provided mission equipment - motion compensated gangway and 3D crane. Delivery of Acta Marine’s Acta Centaurus is slated for Q2 2019.

Source: Acta Marine

Ship construction is well underway for the Acta Centaurus.