Changes in the yard and purchasing management


Lars Lühr Olsen is appointed new managing director of Ulstein Verft. Inge Sleipnes is new director strategic purchasing in Ulstein Group.

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Lars Lühr Olsen comes from the position as purchasing director in the group. He has previously been deputy managing director at Ulstein Verft and headed the shipping activity in the group. He has worked more than 20 years in Ulstein. He holds a Master in Business and Economics and has technical education from the navy.

Inge Sleipnes has been appointed director strategic purchasing in Ulstein Group after Lars Lühr Olsen. Inge has background from technical college and is a skilled electrician. He has worked in Ulstein for many years. He first joined the company as an apprentice in the mid-1990s and has later held several positions, of which the most recent role was deputy director strategic purchasing.

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