Delivers automation system for hybrid work boat


Ulstein Blue CTRL has been awarded a contract for the delivery of an automation system (IAS) and a power management system (PMS) to Frøy Vest's new hybrid work boat for the aquaculture industry.

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The 20m service boat is under construction at Sletta Verft and has been developed by Tomra Engineering.

“Our systems will be integrated by our partner Elmarin, Kristiansund. We supply larger and smaller vessels with our future-oriented new system, in this case a smaller system. It is exciting to be involved in this project in connection with the aquaculture industry”, says Gunnar Gjersdal in Ulstein Blue CTRL.

In connection with the publication of the shipbuilding contract in 2018, managing director in Frøy Vest, Joar Gjerde, said in a press release:

“In order to meet future environmental requirements, a diesel-electric propulsion system will be installed in combination with a significant battery pack that will be the largest battery pack installed on larger service boats. With a capacity of 170kWh, this will contribute to significantly reduced emissions of environmental gases, lower fuel consumption and better comfort.”

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