The Alfa Lift Vessel when submerged.

OHT 'ALFA LIFT' – nominated for Offshore Renewables Award 2020

The semi-submersible installation vessel ‘Alfa Lift’ is one out of three nominees for the OSJ Offshore Renewables Award 2020. This award goes to a company, project or product that has made a significant contribution to the development of the offshore renewables market during 2019.
17 January 2020
  • The 'Alfa Lift' semi-submersible vessel for Seaway 7,

The 'Alfa Lift' has been designed by Ulstein for Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT).

The vessel is regarded as the most innovative, custom-built offshore wind foundation installation vessel in the world thanks to the combination of operational modes and technical features. Its game changing design contributed to OHT having been selected as preferred supplier for the transport and installation for the world's largest offshore windfarm, Doggerbank. Why is the Alfa Lift so special?

The winner of the OSJ Offshore Renewables Award 2020 will be announced on 5 February.

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Offshore wind energy generation is one means to reach international climate goals. Ulstein has developed offshore wind designs since 2006. The designs draw on our broad experience in oil and gas, and range from new turbine installation concepts to foundation installation vessels and service operation vessels.


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