Ulstein Marine Equipment - Committed to quality and maritime advancement

Established in 2007 and located in Ningbo's Nordic Industry Park, Ulstein Marine Equipment is a key part of Ulstein Group. We specialise in producing high-quality switchboards, bridge and automation systems, cabinets, and the ULSTEIN COM communication system. Our focus is on reliability and setting new standards in maritime technology. 

21 November 2023
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Quality at the forefront

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Ulstein Marine Equipment emphasizes quality and excellence in everything we do. Experienced employees in the marine industry are the company's core competence, backed by technical support from the Norwegian headquarters. Our team is dedicated to innovation and staying at the forefront of the maritime industry. 

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Innovation and product excellence

We're proud of our history of providing top-quality distribution panels, high-end bridge systems and digital intercom equipment packages to major domestic shipyards and globally. Our low-voltage switchboards with advanced protection relays are designed to exceed expectations and have earned the trust of our clients. We're also innovators in maritime communication with our digital intercom systems, and our bridge systems reflect our commitment to modular design, operational efficiency, and reliability. Our modular design approach shortens the time needed to finalize designs, cuts costs, and makes the equipment packages more reliable and easier to upgrade.


Collaborating with major partners

Currently, the company is making the third batch of low-voltage panels for Acta Marine’s CSOV project. This advanced project features a four-way split, ring network system and a comprehensive protection relay. 

For the Sunstone polar expedition cruise ship project, consisting of seven Ulstein-designed vessels for construction in China, Ulstein Marine Equipment has already supplied six sets of equipment packages. The equipment for the seventh ship is scheduled for delivery starting in the second quarter of next year.

The company is also engaged in designing and producing a significant number of electrical control panels. These panels are supplied to major maritime companies, including ABB, MacGregor, Wärtsilä, Novenco, and Viking Norsafe. We have also recently entered into a framework agreement with MacGregor.

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Ulstein Marine Equipment ahead

Our partnerships with industry leaders have allowed us to offer advanced electrical control panels that represent the cutting edge of maritime technology. At Ulstein Marine Equipment (Ningbo), we're dedicated to delivering products that contribute to the legacy of maritime excellence.  

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James Xin General Manager comp bw

James Xin

General Manager
Ulstein Marine Equipment (Ningbo) Co. Ltd

Latest news

Concept design ULSTEIN THOR replenishment powering

Thorium-powered: ULSTEIN THOR zero-emission ship concept sparks major interest

Since unveiling the Thorium-powered ULSTEIN THOR design in April 2022, we have been swept by a wave of interest in the concept vessel and its unparalleled potential and capabilities. Set in a polar cruise context, ULSTEIN THOR alone could generate over 50 GWh of energy in a single 150-day cruise campaign. The result would be a significant environmental impact in Antarctica, with over 32,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented.

James Xin General Manager comp bw

James Xin

General Manager

Ulstein Marine Equipment (Ningbo) Co. Ltd