ULSTEIN SX222 CSOV design for J.P. Morgan

Ulstein Verft: Two offshore wind farm CSOV newbuild contracts with J.P. Morgan

Ulstein Verft will construct two CSOVs based on the ULSTEIN SX222 design. The contracts have been entered into on behalf of institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and include two additional options.

In 2023, Bernhard Schulte Offshore ordered the design and construction of two such vessels from Ulstein, a contract which included options for two + two vessels. These options have been transferred to institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, who declared the first two. 

Servicing a greener future

The vessels will be equipped with a hybrid battery propulsion system and be prepared for green methanol fuel to enable carbon-neutral operations. 

“We are excited to add to our existing presence in the offshore wind maintenance sector,” commented Andrian Dacy, Global Head of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Global Transportation Group.  He added, “These latest technology Construction Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) will play a critical role in the development and delivery of renewable energy and global energy decarbonization.” 

”The offshore wind industry is an important enabler to achieve the climate goals, and we believe that our fuel-efficient ships will be vital assets in this mission," states Ulstein Group CEO Gunvor Ulstein. 

About the vessels

The ships have a large, centrally positioned walk-to-work motion-compensated gangway and elevator tower for personnel and cargo transfers. Furthermore, a 3D compensated crane capable of 5-ton offshore cargo lifts is installed. The optimized onboard logistics includes large storage capacities and a stepless approach to the offshore installations.  

The vessels have a length of 89.6 m and a beam of 19.2 m. The ULSTEIN SX222 design platform is adapted to the shipowner's needs, including single cabins for 110 persons. In total, the vessels will be able to accommodate 132 people. The ships are flexible and attractive for work within areas such as O&M (Operation and Maintenance) or construction support, especially in challenging weather and sea conditions. 

About J.P. Morgan Global Transportation Group

 The J.P. Morgan Global Transportation Group has invested in the transportation industry since 2010 and actively manages over $8bn in transportation assets in the maritime, energy logistic, intermodal, rail and aircraft segments. The team takes a long-term approach to investing, comprising investments in assets, platform development and corporate acquisitions to build significant scale and market presence.

About Ulstein Group

Ulstein is an internationally renowned provider of ship design, shipbuilding, and system solutions. Its vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations. For more than 100 years, Ulstein has developed future-oriented products and services for the maritime industry. Ulstein has activities in several countries and is headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway.



J.P. Morgan Global Transport Group: Stephen Z. Wong, managing director, [email protected]

Ulstein Verft: Sales Manager Newbuild Kolbjørn Moldskred, +47 957 22 099, email: [email protected]

ULSTEIN SX222 CSOV design for J.P. Morgan
Four vessels of the ULSTEIN SX222 design will be built at Ulstein Verft, yard numbers 320-323.

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