Acta Auriga quayside from air with Ulsteinvik in the background.

Building the Acta Auriga

The CSV/SOV vessel was contracted for construction at Ulstein Verft and delivered three ahead of schedule, on 28 March 2018. Her 2-year contract for O&M work at the BARD Offshore 1 offshore wind farm commenced shortly after delivery.

Acta Auriga Sea Trial Cr Ulstein Uavpic

Naming of the Acta Auriga

The W2W offshore wind vessel, 'Acta Auriga' was named by lady sponsor Ingelore Hering in a ceremony in Emden, Germany, on 20 June 2018. Congratulations to the ship owner and all who sails on her!

Acta Auriga leaving the construction yard, Ulstein Verft, for her new work base at Eemshaven.

Early delivery of the Acta Auriga from Ulstein Verft

Delivery precision was important for Acta Marine when placing the newbuild order of a CSV/SOV at Ulstein Verft. The vessel was delivered three days before schedule.

Acta Auriga has successfully completed sea trial.

Successfull sea trials

​After having completed the most important tests on the trial, the onboard team reported that: “All of us from the Acta Marine team on board are very impressed with her performance, we look forward to start working with Acta Auriga!”

Acta Auriga at work Coen de Jong

This is why Acta Auriga was chosen for BARD Offshore 1

Acta Auriga was contracted to work at the offshore wind farm BARD Offshore 1: “Ocean Breeze Energy decided on this vessel due to a favourable combination of capability, capacity, design and fuel consumption. The delivery precision from Ulstein was also important.”

Acta Auriga
Sebastian Zehmke-Marahrens (DOC representative for Oceanbreeze) and Erik Willemssen (Acta Marine) in partnership on the Acta Auriga.

Two-year charter for Acta Marine’s W2W newbuild on ‘BARD Offshore 1’

The DP2 Service Operation Vessel (SOV), Acta Auriga, currently under construction at Ulstein Verft, will commence work for Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH (OBE) at their 400 MW offshore wind farm BARD Offshore 1. The ship will perform logistical support for OBE’s maintenance activities on the BARD Offshore 1 wind farm.
Designer's illustration of the Acta Auriga positioned at an offshore wind farm.

Acta announces name of newbuild

The construction of Acta Marine’s new built ULSTEIN SX195 walk-to-work DP2 construction support vessel is progressing well and on schedule at Crist shipyard in Poland. Acta Marine has announced that the CSV vessel will sail under the name ACTA AURIGA. The vessel is equipped with the X-STERN® to increase flexibility.
Contract signing on 24 January 2017. Ulstein and Acta, from left managing director at Ulstein Verft, Kristian Sætre, and managing directors at Acta Marine, Rob Boer and Govert Jan van Oord.
Press Release

Acta Marine contracts Ulstein for wind vessel

Ulstein Verft AS has signed a contract for the building of a DP2 Construction Support Vessel (CSV) for the Netherlands based Acta Marine B.V. The vessel is primarily aimed at the offshore wind market and carries the new SX195 design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

Offshore wind

Testing of the SMST gangway

Acta Auriga offshore wind farm

About Acta Auriga

A CSV/SOV for construction support and W2W service operations. Efficient and safe in significant wave-heights up to 3m. Equipped with a telescopic motion compensated gangway system mounted on an integrated tower with height adjustment and a personnel/cargo lift. 3D motion compensated crane with 6t lifting capacity.

  • Acta Auriga SOV vessel at Ulstein Verft photo Benny Banen Acta Marine
    The Acta Auriga vessel at Ulstein Verft. Photo: Benny Banen/Acta Marine.
  • Acta Auriga with topside equipment being installed
    Acta Auriga with topside equipment being installed.
  • Acta Auriga on sea in outer dock
    Acta Auriga on sea in outer dock.
  • Acta Auriga outer dock rear 1
    Acta Auriga in outer dock, rearside
  • Acta Auriga outer dock front low
    Acta Auriga in outer dock, seen from starboard front.