Acta Auriga

Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for the offshore wind industry. Efficient and safe in significant wave-heights up to 3m. Equipped with a telescopic motion compensated gangway system mounted on an integrated tower with height adjustment and a personnel/cargo lift. 3D motion compensated crane with 6t lifting capacity.

Vessel type




Built by

Ulstein Verft AS



Owned by

Acta Marine B.V.

Yard number


Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

Acta Marine B.V.

Operated by

Acta Marine B.V.

Principal dimensions

93.4 m
18 m
Dead weight:
3,200 tonnes
Draught (max):
6.0 m
Speed (max):
13.5 kn
120 POB
Deck area:
500 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Indoor cargo area main deck:
500 sqm
Outdoor cargo area A deck:
500 sqm
Max deckload main deck, approx:
650 t
Max deckload A deck, approx.:
250 t
3D Motion compensated Crane:
6 t
Access & Cargo Tower:
Hs 3 m
Motion compensated gangway :
Hs 3 m
Dynamic positioning:


  • SF, E0, Offshore Service Vessel, Strengthened (DK, HA), DYNPOS (AUTR), CLEAN (DESIGN), COMF(C-2,V-2), NAUT(OC), BWM(T), BIS

The vessel is contracted for construction at Ulstein Verft and scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2018. 

The SOV can take on assignments in commissioning and construction in the offshore wind farm installation phase, and provide Walk-to-Work transfer of personnel and cargo. The vessel can also service other offshore areas such as oil and gas. Acta Auriga will be arranged for up to 120 persons on board (POB), accommodated in 80 cabins. Designed for offshore stays of approximately 30 days. Tower, crane and gangway are SMST deliveries.

Ship history

The vessel has been awarded a 2-year charter for Operations and Maintenance work at the offshore wind farm BARD Offshore 1, Germany.

Read more about the project: Building Acta Auriga

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