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Naming of the Acta Auriga

The W2W offshore wind vessel, 'Acta Auriga' was named by lady sponsor Ingelore Hering in a ceremony in Emden, Germany, on 20 June 2018. Congratulations to the ship owner and all who sails on her!
21 June 2018
  • Managing Director Kristian Sætre, Ulstein Verft, presenting a photo of the vessel to Acta Marine's Rob Boer.
  • The Lady Sponsor with the remains of the Champagne bottle.

The Construction Support Vessel / Service Operation Vessel 'Acta Auriga' was delivered from Ulstein Verft ahead of time, in March 2018.

During construction, the vessel was assigned to her first mission, a two-year contract for Ocean Breeze Energy on the offshore wind farm BARD OFFSHORE 1.

Check out: The whole process of constructing the Acta Auriga.

The vessel has already been successfully at work for one month at the wind farm.

See video from naming:
Next vessel underway
Acta Marine has ordered a vessel number two from Ulstein Verft. The shipbuilding project is underway, and delivery is set to Q2 2019.

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