Sea Flyer, a platform supply vessel of the PX105 design.

Sea Flyer (Flyer Tide)

New Name: Flyer Tide) rm supply vessel of the large and proven PX105 design. The loading deck area is in excess of 1,000 square metres and the vessel has a load capacity of 4,700 tonnes.

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Built By
Partner yard
IMO Number

Primary Specifications

88.9 m
19 m
Dead weight
4500 tonnes
Draught (max)
6.6 m
Speed (max)
15.5 kn
23 POB
Deck area
985 sqm

Additional Data

Fuel oil
Fresh water
Ballast/ Drill water
Note: Specifications may have changed since the original completion date.
Classifications: DNV+1A1, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, CleanDesign, COMF-V(3), LFLFuelled, DK(+), HL(+), ICE-C, NAUT-OSV

Ship history

The Zhejiang yard, a part of the Sinopacific Group, delivered twelve ULSTEIN designed vessels to Deep Sea Supply during 2013 and 2014.

The vessels are constructed for operations all over the world. ?We are very pleased with the vessels - and so are our clients?, stated Finn Amund Norbye, CEO in Deep Sea Supply. 'ULSTEIN participated in the vessels' construction and was also responsible for the electrical installations. Communication and quality of work have been good. We have taken delivery of twelve large state-of-the-art platform supply vessels in approx. 18 months, which must be considered to be very satisfactory.' The X-BOW® hull line design eliminates slamming from head sea, increases comfort and safety and reduces fuel consumption.

In addition to the basic design, ULSTEIN delivered a comprehensive package of systems and equipment as well as on-site support. ULSTEIN's equipment deliveries include diesel electric propulsion and engines, and the system deliveries include power distribution and propulsion, automation, internal communication and entertainment, navigation and radio. The vessels were among the first in which ULSTEIN had the switchboards produced at their own company in Ningbo, reducing delivery time due to shipment.

Ships delivered:

ZJ2013 Sea Falcon - delivered 5 February 2013 - IMO number 9645683
ZJ2014 Sea Flyer - delivered 14 May 2013 - IMO number 9645695 
ZJ2015Sea Forth - delivered 16 August 2013 - IMO number 9656723 
ZJ2019 Sea Spark - delivered 23 October 2013 - IMO number 9656620
ZJ2016 Sea Frost - delivered 13 November 2013 - IMO number 9656735
ZJ2020 Sea Spear - delivered 6 January 2014 - IMO number 9656632
ZJ2021 Sea Spider - delivered 27 January 2014 - IMO number 9656644
ZJ2022 Sea Springer - delivered 8 April 2014 - IMO number 9656656
ZJ2023 Sea Supra - delivered 10 June 2014 - IMO number 9656668
ZJ2024 Sea Surfer - delivered 18 July 2014 - IMO number 9656670
ZJ2025 Sea Swan - delivered 3 September 2014 - IMO number 9656682
ZJ2026 Sea Swift - delivered 23 October 2014 - IMO number 9656694


2014: Sea Flyer entered into a contract with Apache

2017: All vessels in the DESS fleet were merged into the Solstad Farstad fleet. From 1 October 2018, this company changed named to Solstad Offshore.

2019: Apache North Sea awarded contract extensions for Sea Flyer and Sea Forth. The contract extensions are one-year firm plus options, starting in January 2020. This is in direct continuation of the present contract. The previous extension was agreed back in February 2017.

2023: Sea Flyer has been sold to Tidewater and change name to Flyer Tide.