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Golden Energy Offshore further strengthening green operations with Blue Box

The Norway-based ship owner Golden Energy Offshore has decided to install Blue Box on two of their vessels. “With Blue Box we will manage to reduce our fuel consumption and environmental footprint further, which is very important to us”, says ship owner Per Ivar Fagervoll.
26 September 2019

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Golden Energy Offshore is actively pursuing environmental friendly solutions, and has a green profile. Together with Ulstein, they are now entering into a Blue Box pilot project on two of their vessels.

"With this pilot project and the programs aligned with this agreement we will be enabled to consolidate, process and analyse data and target our focus on energy efficiency. This will have an impact on our environmental profile and sustainability adaptation, as it will identify optimized 'green' operations," says Fagervoll.

"Setting our high green standards have been an easy choice. Through several collaborative initiatives, other pilot projects and individual efforts we have achieved a considerable energy efficiency on our vessels. The results are lower fuel consumption and lower local emissions, and the end results are more sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations."

An urge for low-emission vessels in the market

"Not only do we save costs through energy efficiency. We also note that our clients request modern vessels operated energy efficiently and with low emissions. Our vessels are all working with high utilisation in a demanding market, a situation we are very comfortable with", states Fagervoll.

Live data access

Blue Box is a system which is easy to set up. It connects the vessels' data system to the cloud for direct access to important information such as engine configuration and speed. The ship's crew and the ship owner's land-based personnel will have easy and intuitive access to the data.

Golden Energy Offshore will install Blue Box on the two sister vessels Energy Duchess and Energy Empress. These are of the same ship design, have the same systems on board, and work in the same geographical area. Their data can easily be compared. Through analyses of data the ship owner will be able to assess the most effective types of operational modes.

Smarter - safer ? greener

By analysing their data as a decision support, the ship owner stands a better chance of getting the best out of the ship's (or fleet) capabilities. This will lead to a reduced eco-footprint.

By retrieving the data from the Blue Box cloud services, the ship owner can either access raw data for their own analyses or receive pre-analysed data via the report module. The intuitive user interface and alarm system give real-time advice to the ship operators on the most optimal way, economically and environmentally, to run the vessel. Thus, the system opens up to a big potential for fuel savings and reduced emissions.

The ship owner Golden Energy Offshore was established in 1929 and operates a fleet of eight vessels. The ship owner has high environmental standards and hold numerous ISO certifications. For five years, they have been certified in ISO 50001 ? Energy Management. They are also certified in ISO 9001 ? Quality Management, ISO 14001 ? Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) ? Health and Safety Management and have defined Sustainability Development Goals for their company. The company is also governing their operations in accordance to SEEMP and CEEMP energy efficiency plans.

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