Marine Automation System nominated for DOGA-Honours Award


Ulstein Group and Eggs Design are nominees for the DOGA-Honours Award for Ulstein’s new Marine Automation System, based on the X-CONNECT® system platform.

The DOGA-Honours Award is the highest achievement for Norwegian businesses and practitioners who demonstrate outstanding use of design and/or architecture.

The DOGA-Honours Award will be handed out 15 November.

The complex system is easy to operate, it reduces the possibility of errors and improves safety.

Paal Holter is the Creative Director of EGGS Design, the agency that designed the interaction design together with Ulstein.

"Creating Marine Automation Systems for large vessels is an incredibly complex process. The power and precision demands are extremely important, and ULSTEIN wanted to create a system that was intuitive, interactive and easy to use. The goal was to improve the operator's work situation with regards to fewer mistakes, better safety and a better working environment,” Holter says.

In order to achieve this, the parties needed expertise from many disciplines, and implemented an interdisciplinary design process that included designers, engineers, IT specialists, domain experts and users, such as captains and machine operators.

Holter praises Ulstein for being a daring company that focuses on design and innovation in an industry characterized by painful cuts.

“ULSTEIN consolidate their position as a forward-looking actor who uses the challenges in the industry as an opportunity to reposition. They have realised that design is not a decoration, but an innovation method, and they deserve praise to be true to this in a tough market where many would think that design may come in second place due to cost cuts"
Paal Holter, Eggs Design

DOGA-Honours Award will be handed out 15 November. DOGA stands for Design & Architecture Norway.

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