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Ulstein Verft signs new shipbuilding contract

On 19 September 2023, Nexans Marine Operations AS and Ulstein Verft entered into a contract on the construction of a large DP3 cable laying vessel.

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Ulstein Verft signs new shipbuilding contract on a cable laying vessel for Nexans

On 19 September 2023, Nexans Marine Operations AS and Ulstein Verft entered into a contract on the construction of a large DP3 cable laying vessel.

The vessel, an ST-297 CLV design by Skipsteknisk, is an updated version of the Nexans Aurora, delivered in 2021.

We awarded the contract for a new vessel to Ulstein after an extensive tendering process, where Ulstein’s track record, including the delivery of Nexans Aurora, was important factors in deciding on the shipyard Ulstein Verft yet again. We are looking forward to working with Ulstein for this new exciting project, 

says Pascal Radue, Nexans EVP Generation & Transmission.

Ulstein is excited to see Nexans return to Ulstein Verft for the construction of a new cable laying vessel. In 2021, we delivered the Nexans Aurora on time despite the challenges we faced with handling the Covid pandemic. This adds to our long history of delivering vessels to the agreed quality and time. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with Nexans and are very pleased that Nexans again trusts Ulstein Verft with the new addition to its fleet, 

states Ulstein Group's CEO, Cathrine Kristiseter Marti.

The new vessel is based on the Nexans Aurora design, as developed by Skipsteknisk, which is now playing an important role in Nexans' turn-key supply of advanced subsea high voltage systems to support the electrification of the world, including providing vital connections between countries and regions, offshore renewable solutions as well as electrification solutions for other offshore installations. 

The vessel is specially designed to carry out the transport and laying of various types of subsea cables, including cable bundles as well as recovery and repair. It can perform effectively even in challenging weather conditions and boasts exceptional manoeuvrability and station-keeping capabilities. Ulstein Verft is responsible for the vessel's construction and the preparation of its topside equipment.

This cutting-edge cable laying vessel features a split turntable on deck capable of holding up to 10,000t of cable, an under-deck turntable with a 3,500t cable capacity, and a fibre optic basket holding 450t. The vessel measures 31 metres in width, 149.9 metres in length, and is accommodated for a crew of 90.

We are experienced in constructing large and complex vessels and we look forward to commencing the work on the cable laying vessel for Nexans,

says Lars Lühr Olsen, managing director at Ulstein Verft. 

For over 120 years, Nexans has played a crucial role in the electrification. The Group is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced cable systems and services.

Norway-headquartered Ulstein Group is a family-owned company established in 1917, and specialises in ship design, shipbuilding, systems and services for the maritime market. 

The ship design company Skipsteknisk was established in 1976 and designs specialised vessels with emphasis on offshore, research and fisheries.

Illustrations: Skipsteknisk

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Lars Lühr Olsen

Managing Director
Ulstein Verft AS

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Lars Lühr Olsen

Managing Director

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