Steel cutting ceremony of the Color Line plug-in hybrid vessel


The steel cutting ceremony of the Ulstein Verft's yard number 311, the plug-in hybrid ferry for Color Line, was held on Friday 14 July. SVP Marine & Technical, Jan Helge Pile, at Color Line, performed the first cut. The ferry will be completed in 2019.

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The steel cutting was at the hull yard Crist, Poland, and marks the start of an exciting shipbuilding project.

Color Line was accepted by the municipality of Sandefjord for a new ferry for the Sandefjord-Strömstad connection because they were able to present the most environmentally friendly solution. The ferry can turn to battery power upon arrival to the fjord of Sandefjord, with minimised noise and zero emissions of NOx, SOx and climate gases as result.

Attending the steel cutting ceremony were representatives of Ulstein Verft and Crist, Color Line and the class society DNV-GL.

In a shipbuilding project, various milestones are celebrated, after the contract has been signed and until ship delivery. The first milestone is the steel cutting, the next one will be the keel laying, which will be performed this autumn.

Foto: SVP in Color Line, Jan Helge Pile, pushed the start button of the steel cutter.

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