Representar for ettermarknadsavdelinga ved Ulstein Verft, Kjell Ove Mork og Jan Peder Hoggen, framfor eit skip som er inne til reparasjon.

Ship service on seventh ship this year

Ulstein Verft is about to complete an aftermarket mission on the seventh ship this year, and ships number eight and nine are soon docking in for service. While the Norwegian offshore industry is adapting to new segments, there is still high activity in the areas of aftermarket service of the existing offshore fleet.
23 March 2017
  • Wave power plant undergoing repairs.
  • Jan Peder Hoggen and Kjell Ove Mork (middle) in the aftermarket department together with two of the welders, Jan Helge Gjengstø and Jonny Haugen.

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"The aftermarket department at Ulstein Verft is in high demand," says service manager Jan Peder Hoggen. Towering in the dock hall is the anchor handling tug supply ship Island Valiant, which is going through a ten-year classification.

We cover the whole process
"Our strength is that we have competence in design, engineering, power & control and production within our group pf companies. We install and test components and systems. The yard has a highly skilled engineering department, who can carry out engineering work in larger repairs and upgrades. We are therefore well positioned to take on aftermarket assignments," claims Hoggen.

Dock hall
"All ships need to go through reclassification every five or ten years. This involves services such as equipment control, cleaning and paint. Other vessels are docked to be mobilized for new missions. Our covered dock hall secures high-quality work in any kinds of weather.

Outside dock
"Comes mid-April, we await the arrival of an expedition cruise vessel for a major upgrade. The vessel will be docked in the dock hall. We also have an outside dock, and the dimensions are such that we can have one vessel docked in the dock hall and another one in the outside dock simultaneously."

Barge and crane services
The service and aftermarket department also carries out assignments outside Ulstein's own yard. The past few months, several of the workers have performed service assignments on vessels in cold stock at other premises. The department also rents out a barge and a large Terex mobile crane. The next job will be to transport a complete winch package from IP Huse for a client.

Other services
Ulstein Verft also offers other services. Currently, a wave power plant is under repair at the yard, to be deployed outside the isle of Runde.

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