The ULSTEIN CX136 can be a home away from home.

ULSTEIN CX136 - A home away from home

Offering a unique experience is key when you want to set yourself apart in the travelling industry.

22 March 2023

A market on the rise

Exploration cruising is a rapidly growing segment of the cruise industry as more travellers seek out unique and immersive travel experiences. For operators in the travelling industry, there is a potential to attract a new high-end clientele who wants exclusivity and comfort when exploring breathtaking destinations.

Waking up to an ocean of possibilities

The ULSTEIN CX136 vessel is an attractive option for guests seeking an engaging and comfortable oceanic experience. When exploring the world, she will be your home away from home. The ULSTEIN CX136 offer a unique blend of travelling in the company of others and nourishing those private moments.

Combining luxury and exploration also means that guests can experience the best of both worlds; discover remote and secluded areas or the city nightlife when in port. And when on board, guests can relax and enjoy the luxury amenities.

  • An ULSTEIN CX136 with tender vessels.
  • The ULSTEIN CX136 slicing through calm waters.
  • The CX136  as seen from starboard.
  • Beach club aft on the CX136 in connection with marina for sporting activities.

Travel in style

The purpose of the ULSTEIN CX136 is to provide unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Using premium materials and state-of-the-art technology ensures that every vessel detail is designed comfortably and conveniently. From spacious cabins to gourmet dining options. Elegant furnishings, delicate lounge areas, world-class spa facilities, sun decks, pools and hot tubs. And, of course, a beach club with easy access to tenders for short excursions and water activities.

On board the ULSTEIN CX136, the guests can indulge in a truly luxurious experience while exploring the world's most remote destinations. Guests can explore and learn about unique ecosystems and wildlife. Whether swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas or spotting polar bears in the Arctic, guests can experience the natural world up close and personal.

A holistic approach

The ULSTEIN CX136 is a 149 m long eye-catching exploration cruise vessel with the iconic 
X-BOW®. The spacious cabins allow a passenger capacity of 126 guests with 252 POB. The GT/PAX is set at 117.

With less than 0.1 per cent of the overall emissions, the cruise industry commits to reducing emissions and becoming more sustainable. And the ULSTEIN CX136 is ready to meet the demand for sustainable travel.

At ULSTEIN, we have a holistic approach when designing a vessel. This is essential when determining how to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise the environmental impact in operations.

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Lars Ståle Skoge

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Lars Ståle Skoge DSC4468 comp bw

Lars Ståle Skoge

Commercial Director

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS