Blue Power (Hermit Power)

New name: Hermit Power. A medium-sized PSV with an optimum combination of fuel efficiency and deadweight, and a capacity and performance that approaches those of larger PSVs. It can take on most of the tasks usually handled by slightly larger PSVs, but at a lower operating cost.

Vessel type

Platform supply



Built by

Ulstein Verft AS



Owned by

Pearl Bidco AS

Yard number


Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

Blue Ship Invest

Operated by

Remøy Shipping

IMO Number


Principal dimensions

83.4 m
18 m
Dead weight:
4234 tonnes
6.7 m
16.2 kn
24 people
Deck area:
850 sqm

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


Fuel oil (MDO):
1474 cbm
Fresh Water:
1033 cbm
Ballast water / Drill water:
1676 cbm
Liquid mud (sp. gr.2,8 t/m3):
1307 cbm
Brine (sp. gr. 2,5 t/m3):
1307 cbm
Cement (4 tanks):
254 cbm
LFL* (4 tanks):
153 cbm
Base oil:
259 cbm


  • DnV 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel Supply, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(3), COMF-C(3), LFL*, NAUT-OSV(A), DK(+), HL(+), ICE-C

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Ship history

2010: The ship investment company Blue Ship Invest, a part of Ulstein Group, ordered two medium-sized platform supply vessels of the PX121 design, based on trends in the North Sea market.
2012: A continued positive market trend combined with very positive feedback on the first vessel, ‘Blue Fighter’, after some months in operation, led Blue Ship Invest to contract another four vessels of the same design. ‘Blue Power’ is the first of these.
2013: Named at Ulstein Verft by lady sponsor Siw Ulstein. Delivered on 6 March 2013. All six vessels were acquired by Nordic American Offshore on 1 November 2013, and all vessels changed names. ‘Blue Power’ was renamed ‘NAO Power’, IMO 9651890.

When ‘Blue Power’ reported the fuel consumption for a transit mission to their charterer, the reply was that the numbers must be wrong. The consumption was simply too low.

“Our charterer reported back to us that it’s not possible to be that fuel efficient, compared to similar ships,” says Edvard Dahlén, captain on this transit. “We made eight knots and consumed less than 200 litres per hour, which is extremely little.”
“This vessel is set up with two different engine sizes. On this occasion, only the smallest engine was in use. This was a rare opportunity in which we were allowed to keep the speed down to eight knots, and we decided to test how little fuel she is able to use in transit,” says Dahlén.
“The diesel electric propulsion system on this vessel is an ULSTEIN POWER™ delivery developed by Ulstein in close cooperation with Inge-team. The focus on optimised combinations of generator sets and electrical drive units have generated a series of very fuel efficient systems,” comments Gunnar H. Hide, managing director in Ulstein Power & Control.

2015: Two more vessels of the same design, the Blue Storm and Blue Viking, were acquired by Nordic American Offshore (NAO) on 26 January 2015.

2019: Nordic American Offshore changed name to Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd, which became effective on June 4, 2019. All the vessels will change name to "Hermit" prefix.

2020: All vessels in the Hermitage Offshore fleet have been acquired by Pearl Bidco AS, a company owned by DNB and SEB.

Overview all eight BSI vessels now owned by Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd:

Yno 289 Esvagt Leah - delivered January 19, 2012, original name Blue Fighter.
Yno 294 Esvagt Heidi - delivered on September 6, 2012, original name Blue Prosper.
Yno 296 Hermit Thunder - delivered May 13, 2013, original name Blue Thunder.
Yno 297 Hermit Power - Delivered on March 6, 2013, original name Blue Power.
Yno 298 Hermit Guardian - delivered June 28, 2013, original name Blue Guardian.
Yno 299 Hermit Protector - delivered September 23, 2013, original name Blue Protector.
Yno 303 Hermit Storm - Delivered January 19, 2015, original name Blue Storm.
Yno 304 Hermit Viking - Delivered January 19, 2015, original name Blue Viking.

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