Ocean Explorer

The Infinity Class vessels are 104,4 m long and 18,4 m wide. They have a passenger capacity of 264, and a crew capacity of 99, small enough to give an exclusive atmosphere, large enough to yield all expected services and facilities, such as jacuzzi, bar and restaurant, boutique, open-air cinema, gym and spa.

Vessel type




Built by

China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI)



Owned by

SunStone Ships Inc

Designed by

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS

Ordered by

SunStone Ships Inc

Operated by

Vantage Cruise Line

Principal dimensions

104.4 m
18.4 m
Draught (max):
5.3 m
Speed (max):
15.5 kn

Note: Subject to selected variant configuration


DWT approx (draught 5.1m):
1,000 t
DWT approx (draught 5.3 m):
1,450 t


  • 1A, Passenger Ship, POLAR CAT-B, +HULL, +MACH, INWATERSURVEY, Polar Class 6, ICE CLASS IA, Comf-Noise-Pax 1, Comf-Noise-Crew 3, CLEANSHIP, AUT-UMS, MON-SHAFT, LI-HG-S2, SEEMP, Unrestricted Navigation, SRP

Featured solutions

The flexible design of the INFINITY class series opens up to new possibilities for every new vessel. The 'Ocean Explorer' stands out from vessel number 1, the 'Greg Mortimer' by having an infinity pool installed on deck 7. Furthermore, and novel for this vessel, is a unique entrance atrium on deck 4 and 5 in way of main passenger entrance port and starboard. Another feature is an atrium forward consisting of a two-level lounge with piano bar and panoramic bow windows.

Ship history

A long-term charter contract has been signed for the 'Ocean Explorer', with the first sailing scheduled to depart from Hong Kong in 2021.

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