The X-CONNECT® system architecture takes products coming from ULSTEIN to a new standard in terms of flexibility and scalability.

With the IoT (Internet of Things) communication standard based on Data Distribution Services (DDS), the possibility of integrating large control systems for the future is a reality. 

As the amount of sensors, actuators and information available on the vessel increases rapidly, the control systems have to be designed accordingly and provide the information to the end users in an efficient manner. During the design phase the end user of the data may not be decided yet, and the system integrator can provide the capability of transferring data between control systems and remotely to shore. This is the key enabler for realizing our new ship automation systems.

Prepare your ship for a digital future

New technologies can radically improve the efficiency of how a ship is operated. The future is about embracing these possibilities, developing products for safer and more efficient operations.
This is at the core of product and system development in Ulstein. With our effort on offering products and systems that utilize digital possibilities, you can offer ship intelligence that makes your business smarter, safer and greener.

Prepare your ship with solutions utilizing digital opportunities.

All future systems from Ulstein will be built on the same universal ULSTEIN X-CONNECT platform. Marine automation, alarm and monitoring systems are now available for the market.

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