Ulstein SX232 Anchor Lift Sea SB Aft


The Wind Subsea Vessel (WSV) is a flexible vessel designed for subsea operations for the offshore wind industry. It has the Ulstein's renown hull form with the TWIN X-STERN®. The vessel has hybrid battery propulsion and can use methanol fuel, allowing zero emissions. Its unique design and features make it a flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for offshore wind subsea operations.

Vessel Type
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Primary Specifications

139.8 m
28 m
Dead weight
17,500 t
Speed (max)
12 kn
130 POB
Deck area
2,000 sqm

Additional Data

Potable water
Offshore crane AHC
Note: Subject to selected variant configuration

Designing for future needs

The design has been developed to include versatile fuel options and a battery energy storage system for peak shaving and spinning reserve purposes has been implemented.

The vessel’s forward section accommodates 130 people and includes two remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hangars. A moonpool is positioned at the rear of the accommodation block, complemented by an expansive flat deck spanning over 2,000 m². This flat deck design enhances the vessel’s adaptability, allowing multiple operational setups to suit diverse maritime tasks.

The basic platform has been configured with a 250-tonne offshore crane; however, the platform can also support a larger crane of 400 tonnes. 

With the upgraded crane capacity, the vessel could support the installation of suction anchors, which are common for floating offshore energy.

An alternative use of the ULSTEIN SX232 platform is for inter-array cable laying operations.

  • Highlights SX232
  • Web SX232 Ulstein Option 4 Dec23 Anchor Lift Sea SB Side
    The designer's illustration of 6 x 20 m suction anchors on deck.
  • Web SX232 Ulstein Option 5 Dec23 Sea PS Aft Low
    An alternative use of the ULSTEIN SX232 platform is for inter-array cable laying operations. This is a potential configuration with a 5,000 tonnes carrousel on deck and two cable-lay spreads. The vessel is equipped with an additional 3,500 tonnes carousel under deck, providing a total cable capacity of 8,500 tonnes.
  • Web SX232 Ulstein Option 7 Jan24 Sea PS Aft low
    This is an example of a J-lay configuration with the tower over the side.
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