High-capacity newbuild


Island Venture is a state-of-the-art, versatile vessel sets a new standard in safety and environment conservation at sea. Prepared for well operations, the ship can perform operations such as well intervention with or without riser, drilling operations and handling of limited amount of well fluids.

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Island Venture was redesigned during the construction phase, and now boasts an overall length of 159.8 m, a beam of 30 m and deadweight of 14.257 t, and she accommodates 239 people.

Equipped with an AHC offshore pedestal crane of 400t-capacity at up to 19 m outreach, the ship has a maximum operational depth of 4,000 m. Additionally, the vessel has a secondary AHC offshore pedestal crane capable of lifting 140 t, several minor deck cranes and a deck-integrated skidding system throughout the ship with a general load for each pallet of 100t. From the main moon pool and forward the capability is enhanced for the system to handle 200 t on a single pallet. The moon pool is fitted with a hinged hatch that can handle a payload of 450 t.

Moon pools
The main moon pool has an opening of 11.2 x 12.0 m. Being one of the largest open moon pools among sailing OCVs, the submerged volume of 1,800 m³ is equivalent to the deadweight of a small platform supply vessel. The moon pool area is prepared for later installation of a module handling tower. In addition, two segregated moon pools of 50 m² each are dedicated for the launch and recovery of two work-ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) with maximum operational depth of 4,000 m. The ROV moon pools are arranged in an enclosed area along the centre line of the vessel to achieve the lowest possible motions and increased operability.

A total of three separate engine rooms provides for extreme operational reliability. The vessel is constructed with three completely segregated, but continuously accessible, redundancy zones according to DP3 Class (dynamic positioning), each zone built with an internal system redundancy. If a major error occurs and one of the engine rooms goes out of service, the ship will still have two-thirds of her operational capacity, and the vessel can continue to operate in DP3.

The vessel has extensive capacities for storing and handling liquid and dry substances under deck, and an impressive deck load capacity of approx. 9,000 tonnes. The main deck area aft of hangar measures 2,250 square metres.

Health, safety and environment
The vessel is built and outfitted according to the SPS (Special Purpose Ship) Code and can accommodate 239 persons. Life-saving appliances with a total capacity for all on board are installed on both sides. The entire accommodation is fire retardant and aligned with the Mobile Offshore Unit (MOU) code. The X-BOW® hull line design, floating floor on five accommodation decks and quiet-running thrusters forward all ensure low noise and vibration levels. Installed safety systems include overpressure of accommodation, fire-fighting, gas detection, rig-savers and emergency shut-down.

The vessel is built according to the highest standards for energy awareness and emissions. This includes full focus in operational system layout, efficient system solutions and equipment, and NOx emission reducing SCR (Selective Catalytic Reactors) system for all combustion engines including harbour and emergency generators. The DP system comprises approved Closed Bus operation in DP3 mode to exploit energy efficiency and reduce fuel oil consumption and emissions.

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