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What is Blue Box?

Blue Box is a flexible and low-cost hardware and software infrastructure that enables direct access to real-time data from your ship. Blue Box connects the vessel through an external link (such as VSAT or 4G) and connects data from the assigned automation system (IAS) to standardized interfaces.
03 May 2019

The collected data is filtered, compressed, transported and stored in an encrypted and secure cloud service for the Blue Box.

What are the benefits of analyzing data from ships?

  • Reduced fuel consumption (due to optimization)
  • Reduced emissions of NOx and SOx (due to optimization)
  • Easier/automated reporting
  • Decision support for crew
  • Predictive maintenance / monitoring of third-party equipment
  • Improved understanding of ship processes - with effective operations
  • Fleet comparison and management

Remøy Shipping participated in the pilot of the Blue Box? and reported on 10 % fuel savings by analyzing the ship's data. To increase the savings even more, the company has now installed Blue Box? on three ships in total. Together with Recogni, Remøy Shipping has developed a 'best practice' database based on real operations.

"We will use data analysis as a competence transfer between ships. We can uncover the causes of operating differently, and the crew receives information on the monitors about actions on how to operate in a more fuel efficient way. Our crews are already skilled and competent in their work, and now they have the opportunity to perform even better when receiving operational support directly on the bridge monitors,» said operational manager André Søvik.

What do you need to get started with data collection for your ship?

  • Blue Box cabinet customized to your systems
  • VSAT / 4G
  • Installation of cabinet
  • Access to Blue Box Cloud Services

Blue Box is produced and configured according to the customer's requirements. The ready-to-install cabinet will be shipped to the customer. The customer installs the cabinet and we provide commissioning. Signals to be logged by Blue Box must be available on a standardized interface according to the Blue Box specification.

Blue Box - Complete package - from contract to active cloud service

Blue Ctrl AS delivers a complete cabinet configured to your specific needs. The cabinet can easily be mounted by electrician or equivalent on board, and Ulstein can perform the commissioning of the system. Access to the cloud service is a subscription at a fixed price, depending on the number of signals you would like to access. Furthermore, Ulstein can put you in touch with analyst partners, or set up simple real-time displays with data from the cloud. The standard delivery includes 500GB of storage in the cloud (and 500 GB download/month), but more storage and download capacity can be made available if needed.

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