The CX103 expedition cruise vessel Ocean Albatros quayside after sea trial

Ocean Albatros

The Ocean Albatros will operate in both Antarctica and the Arctic and on cruises between these core expedition areas. The vessels in the SunStone Ships' INFINITY series were the first to introduce the proven X-BOW hull in cruise ships. The vessels have low emissions due to a combination of power system and ship design.

Owned By
SunStone Ships Inc
Built By
Partner yard
IMO Number
Operated By
Albatros Expeditions

Primary Specifications

104,4 m
18,4 m
199 PAX
300 POB
Note: Specifications may have changed since the original completion date.
Classifications: PolarClass6, ICE1A*, +HULL, +MACH, PassengerShip, POLARCAT-B, INWATERSURVEY, Comf-Noise, Pax1, Comf-Noise-Crew3, CLEANSHIP, AUT-UMS, MON-SHAFT, LI-HG-S2, SEEMP, UnrestrictedNavigation

Ship history

The vessel complies with Polar Class 6 (ICE 1A*), and is built with Safe Return to Port, Dynamic Positioning and Zero Speed Stabilizers. She is small enough to give an exclusive atmosphere yet large enough to yield all expected services and facilities.

The Ocean Albatros holds a total of 95 comfortable staterooms and suites, all with unobstructed sea views, and most with their own balcony. Like her sister vessel, the Ocean Victory, she has two restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and other state-of-the-art amenities. Unlike the Ocean Victory, the Ocean Albatros will also offer a unique panorama sauna and a total of 12 dedicated solo travel cabins.

The vessel will have a reduced carbon footprint. The X-BOW hull reduces the pitch/heave accelerations and speed loss in waves, which renders higher transit speed or reduced power consumption possible. This improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions to air. The Tier3 engines lead to significantly lower fuel consumption and, thus, reduced emissions.


Steel cutting: 15 April 2021
Keel laid: 20 January 2022
Launching: 2022
Sea trial: 2022
Delivery: 2023

IMO 9880661