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Sylvia Earle

An expedition cruise vessel of the ULSTEIN CX103 design. Designed with the X-BOW® hull, the vessel will provide the best possible comfort for passengers in rough head seas, as well as being fuel efficient.

Owned By
SunStone Ships Inc
Built By
Partner yard
IMO Number
Operated By
Aurora Expeditions

Primary Specifications

104.4 m
18.4 m
Draught (max)
5.3 m
Speed (max)
15.5 kn
144 PAX
249 POB
Note: Specifications may have changed since the original completion date.
Classifications: PolarClass6, ICE1A*, +HULL, +MACH, PassengerShip, POLARCAT-B, INWATERSURVEY, Comf-Noise-Crew3, CLEANSHIP, AUT-UMS, MON-SHAFT, LI-HG-S2, SEEMP, UnrestrictedNavigation

Ship history


Contract signing: 2018

Ship name decision: Jan 2020

Steel cutting: Mar 2020

Keel laying: July 2020

Launch: Mar 2021

Sea trial: Oct 2021

Delivery: 22 Oct 2022

Aurora Expeditions' review of the vessel:

IMO 9872327

In addition to excursions for hiking and honing wildlife photography skills, there's plenty to do onboard the Sylvia Earle, which features state-of-the-art perks like an ocean-view sauna, a quiet library for reading up on Antarctic history, and stately lounge and deck areas for taking in the views. Thanks to the ship's revolutionary bow design, seasickness is also likely to be less of an issue.

Sylvia Earle and Greg Mortimer meet in Antarctica