We offer a portfolio of designs and equipment packages for the Exploration cruise segment. Our thorough marketing and design concept analyses make a solid foundation for developing outstanding adventures and performances in an ever more competitive market. Our designs can be customised for any customer specific wish.


Cruise and Expedition Cruise ships from ULSTEIN are developed to satisfy a modern explorer and traveller. Our vessels have the highest seakeeping standards, and our designs can be customised for any customer specific wish.


Lindblad - The travel connoisseur

“I’m not a great lover of freezing cold weather”, says Sven Lindblad, the president and CEO of Lindblad Expeditions, and an expert in polar travels. Then he adds: “Unless it’s beautiful – then I love it!”

Lindblad - The travel connoisseur


  • Analysis - Market/Fleet/Investment
  • Ship design - Norwegian design & quality
  • Design and equipment packages - Proven technology
  • Shipbuilding - Where to build?
  • Sophisticated shipbuilding at own yard - Delivery on time to the agreed price and quality
  • Partner yards worldwide
CX104 in disco version - Ulstein cruise ship design

X-BOW CRUISING - Standing out from the crowd

A vessel with the X-BOW® lines from ULSTEIN is unique, and very different from the usual cruise vessels. The seakeeping characteristics have an impact on comfort, safety, efficiency and operability. And then comes the distinctive looks!

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