New level of fuel efficiency


When ‘Blue Power’ reported the fuel consumption for a transit mission to their charterer, the reply was that the numbers must be wrong. The consumption was simply too low.

“Our charterer reported back to us that it’s not possible to be that fuel efficient, compared to similar ships,” says Edvard Dahlén, captain on this transit. “We made eight knots and consumed less than 200 litres per hour, which is extremely little.”

“This vessel is set up with two different engine sizes. On this occasion, only the smallest engine was in use. This was a rare opportunity in which we were allowed to keep the speed down to eight knots, and we decided to test how little fuel she is able to use in transit,” says Dahlén.

The diesel electric propulsion system on this vessel is an ULSTEIN POWER™ delivery developed by Ulstein in close cooperation with Ingeteam. The focus on optimised combinations of generator sets and electrical drive units have generated a series of very fuel efficient systems.