Preparing for the first polar adventure on the ‘Greg Mortimer’


The SunStone crew is undergoing the final preparations to start sailing the polar cruise vessel, ‘Greg Mortimer’. As a part of this, they have been trained in the use of Ulstein’s integrated automation system (IAS), power management system (PMS) and Blue Box based on the X-CONNECT® system architecture.

The awarded X-CONNECT® tooling makes a difference for saving time and working smarter. The X-CONNECT® system is a universal digital platform for marine automation, control and monitoring. It combines the digital possibilities in ship intelligence to make your business smarter, safer and greener. All functionalities are predefined and configurable supporting the work philosophy; configure, plug and play, to set a new standard in terms of flexibility and scalability.

The SunStone project is the first cruise ship featuring Ulstein’s Blue Box. The Blue Box collects the ship data and enables analysis and decision support for smarter and safer operations. Analysing the ship data coming from the Blue Box give several eco benefits like fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It also enables safer operations due to automatic reporting, reduction of human habits and errors, as well as giving excellent input for optimisation of vessel and fleet operations.

Ulstein has so far delivered 20 IAS systems and seven Blue Box systems based on the X-CONNECT platform. The SunStone project is also the first delivery of ULSTEIN PMS™ based on X-CONNECT.

The X-CONNECT-platform has been designed for reducing complexity in delivery projects, and changes are easy to manage. The system can be configured to order with predefined functionalities. They typically represent physically controllable components, systems, configurable logics and custom auto functions. The functionalities are easy to configure, and integrate all necessary aspects of signalling, alarming, logics, failure management and user interface in configurable components.

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