2008: Island Constructor - Ship of the Year


Island Constructor won Offshore Support Journal’s prestigious 2008 ‘Ship of the Year’ award. The vessel is suited for both well intervention and construction work.

“Island Constructor was chosen as OSJ’s ‘Ship of the Year’ 2008 as a result of the vessel’s particularly versatile and innovative design.

Island Constructor is a very impressive vessel in many ways, with many innovations and important ‘firsts.

Island Constructor has Comfort (C3)(V3) class, and when OSJ was on board for part of the sea trials programme, we found the vessel to be very quiet, even though more staircase doors were open than usual. In flat water it was difficult to know from noise and vibration levels if the ship was moving at all, or at what speed.

Island Constructor is also noteworthy for being the first ship with the new IP-based ULSTEIN COM communications system from Ulstein Elektro, and is the first vessel equipped to the new Ulstein Accommodation Standard, the intention of which is to create more modern accommodation on board, of a type that meets the expectations of a new generation of seafarers.”